Monday, February 18, 2008

New Windows Make a BIG difference

On Saturday we put new vinyl windows in! I was really surprised at what a difference it made! We had to break out the big picture window and glass went all over our front lawn, but it went much better then we thought. We are happy to have the windows in and are so glad we decided to replace them. We are hoping they will help save on our utilities as well. I guess you get some sort of rebate from Queststar when you put new energy star windows in (which ours are of course). Its something like $.95 for each square foot. But you have to save the stickers that come with it or they wont validate it. I think we might have thrown a couple of them away, but I will see if the company we ordered from can write a letter or something.



Kory and his dad putting our Family Room window in.


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