Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Day 2: Cabin Fever is an understatement

So its day 2 in Pinedale WY. I did get a chance to get out and mingle with the locals... not very friendly I might add... so I really have no desire to leave my room today.

Yesterday I called the front desk to see if they would come change our sheets because they reeked of smoke, and the girl on the phone seemed so put out. We paid extra for a non smoking room... it shouldn't smell like smoke and they should have been super apologetic about it, but instead all I got was a " Well, I guess I'll try to send someone to change them." I even offered to come by the front desk to pick them up. I wasn't trying to be picky and snotty about it but she acted as if it was the end of the world! Luckily the linens they brought didn't smell like smoke anymore.

I went in search for a vending machine... I did find one but it was completely empty. So I went in search for another one, and the lady at the front said "yur best bet is to walk on over to that there gas station, see the guy who runs those there machines just stopped comin' one day."

They have only two "take out" type restaurants, a few steak houses and at least a dozen or more bars. Kory and I drove down the mile long main street, in search of something besides subway (I had that for lunch) and the only lights lit up were bars. At the end of town we finally found an "a la carte" type place in a market/gas station that had a really random assortment of food. Kory got a stack of ribs and I got a cheeseburger.

Today Zoe begged me to let her sit up on the window sill so she could bask in the sunlight. She does that at home too. She likes to keep a look out and see what is going on outside, and at the same time likes to sleep in the sun. She is small enough that she fits just right on the ledge.

This is our room... I made up the beds because I hate it when housekeeping comes in and does it. I really don't see the point if we plan on staying here a couple of nights to continually check and knock on our door to see if we need our room cleaned. I even have the do not disturb sign up and they have tried to come in both yesterday morning while I was still sleeping and today. She asked me to take the sign off today and I said, no I want it left on because I have a dog in here and I don't want people to be constantly knocking on our door or trying to get in, because it makes her all barky and annoying to not only me but other guests. Not to mention I would like some privacy.

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rain said...

Oh get in good with the Wyoming locals you gotta dumb down, don't you know nuthin'?