Thursday, February 28, 2008

Washing Machine Mayhem

So when we bought our house, they came with two washers and a dryer. The previous owner told us he was unaware of the working condition they were in, but was leaving them for us.

Well we found out that at least one washer and the dryer worked, however, Kory was also given a set form his parent years before we got married.

So, we decided to give the ones in our house away to his sister Kelli... To make a really, really long story short...
  • After moving the newer ones in down our extremely narrow stairway (remember the Dishwasher?) the washer started an electrical fire in the barrell.
  • So we found some on "Craigslist" for $80 bucks that were still in awesome shape.
  • We brought them in and found out that we have GAS hook ups and not Electrical.
  • I went to Home depot 10 minutes before closing and got all the stuff to switch it over.
  • Kelli and Kyle only have Electrical hook ups so they cant use the Gas dryer so we decide for now to hook it back up our new dryer when we finish the basement.
  • We then took our old washer and our dryer we got from kory's parents house over to Kelli and Kyle's (At this point we still didn't know for sure or not if the dryer would work, it had been sitting for well over 3 years)
  • They got them in their house and plugged them in and they both work!

We wont be able to use our new dryer for a couple months because it will cost us much more to install it at where its at now, and then move it again when we put it where we want.


Angie said...

What a pain. We had o get a gas line put in in our house when we moved in. It was worth it. I like gas dryers better.

rain said...

Ahhh...the unexpected things that happen when you move into your new home. Unfortunately, it never ends. There is always something going down, something to pay for, and something to fix. That's the downside of ownership.