Sunday, July 10, 2011

One month down

Dani will always be my summer baby, she was born the weeks school got out and all the pools open. It took us a little bit to get out and about but, we somehow have managed to have a pretty eventful summer thus far.

Dani turned "one month old" a while ago, and I meant to write about it, and sadly I am just getting to it now, and we are only two weeks away from her being two months! They grow so FAST!

I am no photographer by any means, but I wanted to try to take some photo's of her similar to the ones my friend and AMAZING photographer Jessica Peterson took of Axel when he was a couple days old. They are nothing compared to hers, but I think I did a good job capturing all the sides of Dani that I love at this stage. So here you go! You can see the rest here.

Isn't she just adorable!

We love how smiley she is, her smile just melts my heart every single time I see it! She loves it when I stick my tongue out at her, and will try to do the same. She has started cooing at us occasionally, and it is so fun to see her try to talk to us.

She is an AWESOME sleeper, granted she gets woken up pretty easily, (we have a pretty noisy house for the most part during the day, but she is good about soothing herself and putting herself back to sleep) When we go to bed at night she sleeps for a good 5-6 hour stretch in between feedings every single night, and sometimes I will make it all the way to 7 am!

When she wakes up she reminds me so much of her daddy, they both have the same sleepy face.

She loves baths, even her first one she just sat there contently.

Axel likes to sit in her boppy, he calls it his seat
But I think it fits him better anyway, and she is not that big of a fan. We started watching Kassie's two kids a few weeks ago. Axel and Story get a long better than ever, and I was even able to get all 4 babies to sleep for an hour and a half all at the same time! the two older ones slept a little longer...Here are some pictures from that...

We spend a lot of time in the yard playin...

Gauge and Dani
I LOVE this picture, he looks very worried... I am pretty sure I was making some ridiculous face to get Dani to perk up, and Gauge obviously was NOT amused. Its kinda funny the girls are such Hams and the boys are little grumps :)
Story and Axel wanted to get in on the pictures...but mostly Story, Axel just wanted to jump and play on the bed.
Gauge and Story....
Story and "Baby Girul"
Neither of my kids wanted to be by the other.
I was trying to get all 4 in one picture but as you can see this is the closest you get. Awhile back we went to Story's house for a playdate/pooldate, and to see their newly remodeled back yard, which is super fun and relaxing.
One of the many many trips we have taken to 7 peaks this year.
Felix came by to visit a few days after Dani was born, he loved this car, and he looks oh so cool in it...
Last week our friends Jessica and Skyler and their son Shane came to our house for dinner, the boys loved sitting on the picnic table together eating their "dimner"
I have so so much more to post from the 4th and from this weekend but I need to go to bed, because tomorrow I start my swimming lessons! I don't think I have stayed up this late since Axel was born, I am really excited but also nervous like always, but Kory gave me a blessing and it really really helped put all my feelings right where they needed to be.


Kelli said...

I can't believe you got such good pics of Gauge and her! And Gauge and Story! They actually look like siblings in your picture. I love that Axel is in the pink car and Story in the red, it's very fitting. After we bought Felix his own car he lost interest in it...of course. And Kass's backyard is awesome. Felix had a blast in it this weekend. I'm pretty jealous of her elephant pool, but my kid will have to make do with the free one we have.

KaSs MiLeS said...

that picture of Story and Dani is sooo cute! They are such pretty girls. Story always talks about baby goril. You are a super woman for getting that many babies to sleep at once! seriously! i feel accomplished when story and gauge sleep at the same time!
Dani is so pretty! can't wait for her and gauge to get a little bigger so they can play!

Jessie Eyre said...

She's a month old already?! How did that happen so fast?! She's gorgeous and I'm sick that I haven't met her yet. I haven't met Axel either. What kind of friends are we?!

One thing I do have to say is that you guys make such beautiful children. Make lots of them. Its a pitty that there are some ugly people who think THEY are the ones who should keep reproducing. :) Laughing. You guys NEED to make more.

rain said...

Okay, so she IS an adorable little girl. Not that that surprises me, but I am a little offended she doesn't like me more. And this is how I feel about Gauge, as well. Not that he's an adorable baby girl, but he's an adorable baby boy, and he needs to like me more, as well. So, it's my goal to get them to warm up to me. Like I do with Axel, you know? I'll wear them down one day...only if it's just to smile as soon as they see my face, just so I'll leave them alone. It will happen.

Sarah said...

Such good photos - you did a great job with Dani's new born photos. I don't know how you manage 4 kids but it looks like you're doing a great job :) Good luck with the swimming lessons

LeRae said...

You guys have such a cute kids!!!
and Amy you ARE a supermom! 4kids... I will not have handled that too well.


Shauna said...

Dani is so pretty!