Monday, June 27, 2011

F is for....

FATHERS silly!

Happy Father's Day to all those father's out there, including my own dad, my father in law and of course the Father of my two beautiful children!

When Kory and I first got married, I was commuting every day to the University of Utah, and taking his nephew Andy to a school for kids with Autism. Andy was quite impressionable so I got in the habit of listening to "Kid Friendly" or what I call "Mom stations" while he was in the car. One of those stations was 106.5, and after a while I really started to enjoy their morning show, so I became a regular and listened to it daily on the drive up, with or without Andy with me. Because I listened to them all the time, I got really good at calling in when they had prizes and contests and pretty much won something almost every month, from movie tickets to, dinners, to even a really nice set of pots/pans (which are still in excellent condition to this day). I think it was one of my favorite hobbies. Every month Kory and I got to participate in something we otherwise wouldn't have and it was really fun. :) But I stopped listening to them when I stopped commuting, and haven't entered anything with them until this year.

For father's day I entered Kory into a contest to play musical chairs for a chance to win a gas grill, and $1000 worth of meat. I am not sure how many people sign their dads up for it, but he was picked and we got to go to Cherry Hill for the day to watch him battle it out with 21 other dudes. He did really well, and got 6th place, and won us tickets for dinner and a movie. So even though he didn't win the grand prize we still got to play all day at Cherry Hill together and didn't go home empty handed.

Her is fisher from Today's 106.5

Kory between what I called his "Body Guards" Both these guys played really fairly and kept a nice distance, and they actually both got out before Kory did. Kory said the big guy in front of him was way nice and polite. This picture is soo funny

This is right before Kory got out. The guy behind him "Snaked" his seat from out from under him. He would slide under the guy in front of him. So when I saw him get behind Kory I was so panicked, I couldn't watch, I wanted to throw up. Can't you tell he is just right on Kory's heals?
Axel was nervous the whole time, and wanted Kory to come back, but when they started to play he has a look of worry on his face the WHOLE time
The water park had this huge pirate ship that you could walk through
Axel was in pirate heaven, he kept saying "Arrr a pirate ship"

The kiddie pool was fun too, it had a pirate ship slide that went down to it.
We then went to the lazy river

And then the other little poolWe had a blast at cherry hill, we don't get to do stuff like that very much or ever. So it was really nice to spend time just playing and having fun. We didn't stay too long (didn't think our kids would have lasted much longer) because we also had a BBQ to get to that night.

That night we went to a Father's Day BBQ at my sister's house and had yummy ribs and a whole lot of other yummy food.

On Father's day we went to sacrament for the first time with our whole little family to celebrate since having Dani. And besides the part where upon rushing to take a semi fussy baby out to be nursed, I stepped on Axel's pinky finger, and then fell on my bum while trying to give Axel loves in the middle of the aisle, with baby in hands, it went well. (lets just say I may not be ready to be back at church just yet after all)

We then came home had a steak dinner, and then headed over to Kory's parents house to visit with Grandpa Anderson. It was a very fun and eventful weekend!

We are so grateful for the dads in our life. Especially Kory, he does so much for our family, and I could not ask for a better dad to my kids. He loves them so much and really does a good job setting a good example for them. I love sitting back and just watching him interact with Axel, they are such good buddies and Axel loves him to pieces.


LeRae said...

What a fun way to spend Fathers Day! a bit late but Happy Fathers day Kory!

KaSs MiLeS said...

i'm sorta surprised that kory participated in musical chairs. seems to shy now or something. that looks like a lot of fun!

Ashley said...

Looks like so much fun! We will definitely have to hit that place up.

rain said...

I'm glad you got a prize, still. I'm kinda surprised Kory went ahead and played the musical chairs, too. I don't know if Jeff would have. And I was so sad for you about being back at church and biffing it. I would totally take that as a sign that sacrament meetings will have to wait a bit longer. Because I'm evil like that. ;)

Kelli said...

F is actually for Felix, but whatever :) I am so sad we couldn't go up there with you guys. It looks so so fun. I'm not surprised Kory did it. Just goes to show, I know him best :) Totally kidding. I love the picture of you with Dani on the lazy river. That was the part that looked the most fun to me!