Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kory's Birthday Week

I was born on Thanksgiving weekend, and as a result of that I grew up with the idea that when it is your birthday you get an entire week to celebrate, hence the "Birthday Week". As I have gotten older however, I have come to realize, or rather those around me tell me that it is not normal to have a birthday week (Kory in particular). Anyway, basically this was my first attempt with giving Kory his first Birthday week, so he can finally see the joy of having a week vs a day of celebration, and maybe he will see why it has been just so hard for me to let go of this tradition.

I am warning you now, this is going to be a LONG blog full of lots of pictures, and it will possibly be broken up into a couple of posts...

DAY 1: Thursday, Sept 25, 2008

I went to Kory's work and kidnapped him, well at least I attempted to kidnap him, lets just say there were somethings I didn't think about and they all sort of back fired.

Anyway, needless to say after forcing me to tell him where we were going, and why I was kidnapping him and for how long, he told me to go to the car, after a few minutes and he came out and agreed to go along with my shenanigans. I had an envelope on his seat with a MAP to Seattle and some coupons to some of his favorite places to visit in Seattle.

And we were on our way...

DAY 2: Friday, Sept 26, 2008

We went to this AWESOME breakfast place in Enumclaw (EE num CLAW) called The Kettle Cafe. It was sooo good, and our breakfast was HUMONGOUS and delicious.
Kory enjoying the GIANT pancakes. We ordered a side of pancakes, to share. Yes a side and they were ENORMOUS, I didn't make it to my pancakes, and had to get them to go.

See HUGE! You know how when you eat something and a little bit of it falls out, this is the "little bit" of veggies that fell out of my omlet, and believe me, I ate A LOT more than this.

After the Kettle we stopped by the Seattle WA temple for a session.

The temple was under construction, we were worried that it wouldn't be open... but they were!

I thought this was funny...maybe not?
The Temple grounds in Seattle are absolutely beautiful, they have all these plants that we don't have in Utah, and it is just relaixng and so breathtaking.
We then took a trip to Downtown Seattle to do some shopping.
These are just some pictures from the drive...

After Downtown Seattle we drove back to Keri's house for a delicious dinner made by Vic and a game of UNO and a fantastic Boys against Girls game of Canasta. And guess who won? The GIRLS, we totally schooled them.

The FINAL numbers
Keri and Amy's final score :)Kory and Vic's Final score :(


KaSs said...

I still think Kory is a big butt for telling you to go to the car. i know Anderson's don't like surprises (except me), but still, i thought it was really sad.... maybe i'll be ridiculed for my comment, but i stand by it. Amy, you did a great job.

Keri said...

I just wanted to put a comment in here so I can get emailed everyone's responses to the blog.

Kyle said...

I love the picture of the dad grabbing Kory.

It kinda looks like he's going to pants him.

Melonius said...

OK, all your pictures are making me homesick!