Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Birthday week continued

Day 3 Cont: Saturday September 27, 2008

Next stop was the Fremont Bridge to see the Fremont Troll.
Then the Gasworks park

I love this picture of Taryn, she looks so pretty!

Then we went to Kerry Park

After that we went to Vic and Keri's house for another great meal cook by them, we said our good byes and went to Enumclaw to stay with Kory's very good friend Don.

Sunday September 28, 2008: HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORY

We went to one of the wards Kory served in as a Missionary. We have visited this ward a couple of times, and are always treated like celebrities. It was sort of awkward sometimes for me...

We had dinner with Don, and went and visited Don's old room mate and his wife, they have chihuahuas as well, but they did not like us at all. It gave me a tiny glimpse of how others feel when my dog is yapping at them when they come over or walk past our house.
Kory and Don
Monday September 29, 2008

We got up early so we could go visit a couple more places before we headed home.
The first place was FATBURGER, if you have never eaten there, you need to try it. Now, we have eaten at ones in LA and ones in Seattle. The ones in Seattle are much much nicer than the LA but it is still good food.

Seriously, doesn't that just make your mouth water?
After fat burger we went to this amazing waterfall. It was the biggest waterfall I had ever seen in my life!

After this we got in the car for a LONG drive home

Tuesday September 30, 2008

Even though our trip had ended, Kory had at least one more day of celebrating to do. So, very last minute we invited some folks over for cake and ice cream (I don't like doing this by ourselves)
For those of you who didn't know about it or hear about it, I did try to get a hold of you, I literally sent texts to everyone in the family the morning of, or rather the afternoon of. So sorry if you feel like we snubbed you, that was not my intention at all. I should have planned ahead, sent out an email, but like I said, totally last minute. Thanks to everyone who did come, it meant a lot to Kory.

The birthday boy...sorry for the blur, but they are still good pictures anyway.

Kory's sugar free cake, by the time I had gotten ALL 27 of the candles lit, they were just puddles of wax on the cake...
Sarah, BearClaw, and Kelli
Jerome, Kory's Mom and Dad
Kassie and Jerome
Hilary Maddy and Kassie
My mom, Nicolas, Hilary and Zoe
Jess (the photographer) and her husband SkylerI must say that our living room makes for great pictures, doesn't everyone look so golden?

This concludes the birthday week celebration. I just wanted to give a shout out to my husband and best friend and let him know how great he is.
I just want you to know how much I appreciate and love you. I couldn't have asked for a better friend and companion. I hope you enjoyed your birthday week, because you deserved it!


Kelli and/or Kyle said...

That was a hell of a lot of pictures!

Melanie said...

Hey Kori, its sis. smith from the mission! seriously, I'm a total blog stocker.I found your blog off kelli and Damian's blog and couldn't resist saying hello! happy birthday! looks like your doing well.and a trip to seattle, Im so jealous! you should check out my blog, its on kelli's blog! peace out!

Jessie Eyre said...

Happy Birthday, Kory!

That sand giant looks just like you! :)

Looks like I don't even need to HOPE that your day was seems like it (and the days leading up/after it) was!!!

Wendy said...

Happy Birthday Kory! Sorry I'm a few days late with my wishes! Nice job Amy, I'm impressed with your planning and executing of a secret. It was really good to see you!

rain said...

Happy birthday! (Late). My mouth was watering over the Fatburger pictures, for sure. When I lived in CA for a few months, we had a Fatburger in San was so fabulous. Big food--that's like, one of my biggest joys in life.

Shauna said...

That looks like so much fun, I'm sorry I missed it. Happy Birthday Kory! I love you!

LeeRae said...

Happy Late Birthday Kory~
It looks like you had a great one~

Jill said...

I like that the Troll has the same hair style as Kory. Planned?

Happy (Belated) Birthday Kory!

KaSs said...

Don looks great! Last time i saw him he was in a hospital dress. :0) He looks awesome! I've always wanted to go see the troll under the bridge.
My boobs look enormous in those pictures? does the camera add 10 pounds or are they really just that big?