Monday, August 11, 2008

Tag your such a cliche

One of my long time friends Darcie, aka Wildflower, tagged me to post 6 random things about myself on her blog. So here it goes, in no particular order...

1. From the mouth of my husband I am a "calling slut" I have had not one, not two, but three different callings over the last 4 months. I get roughly 6 weeks of a calling before they release me and give me a new one. I was recently called as the Young Women 1st counselor. I still haven't been released as enrichment leader, so I am pulling double duty. I also have not one but two visiting teaching companionships...Over worked is an understatement.

2. Many of you know that I desperately want a baby, however for fear of losing my new acquired calling (the last 1st counselor got released two days after her baby was born) and because I really really REALLY want to go to girls camp. And they don't allow babies at girls camp or popping pregnant ones either, I want to put the baby thing on hold. I am sure jaws are dropping right now. But with my uh...reputation, I am sure I will have a new calling in no time.

3. I have NOT finished Breaking dawn yet and the suspense is killing me... I have to take it slowly because I don't have time.

4. Kory and I are days away from our bathroom being finished. So stay tuned more pictures to come!

5. I think the phrase "You are hell" is my new motto for life.

6. We will be starting on our basement next week and are looking for volunteers to help gut it out. Any takers? Any?

AND now I am tagging drum roll please....Now I am only picking two Anderson family members so that everyone has a chance to tag someone, I didn't want to be selfish...

Kassie Miles, Rainey Anderson, John Sharp, Jordana Bailey, Leerae Kim, Hilary Patchett (You have no blog, so now you have to make one!)

The rules:
1.Link the person who tagged you.
2.Post the rules on your blog.
3.Write 6 random things about yourself.
4.Tag 6 people at the end of your post and link to them.
5.Let the person know you tagged them on their blog

6.Let the tagger know when you've posted.


rain said...

You're willing to trade a baby for GIRL'S CAMP? I think "jaw-dropping" isn't strong enough for me...I HATED girls camp as a kid. I only went twice, and that was because I was made to go. It must be completely different here.

I don't think I could handle being a calling slut. One is more than enough for me...maybe you're just a calling polygamist. I like that term, better. It's way more Utah. :)

KaSs said...

Kelli's going to be offended for you not tagging her. Me however, i will wait until tomorrow to post that, because a-i need time to think about it and b- i just posted our kitchen and i like to spread my posts out by at least a day.

PS, girls camp sucks.... :0)

Amy said...

I put you to because for the most part, I can count on you two making comments on ALL my blogs. And like I said I wanted it so others had a chance to pick others.

Shauna said...

I started Breaking Dawn and got interrupted 15 times before I got to page 4. And sadly that was after they all went to bed. "I like "You are Hell." I have a new one I like to call Matt, "You, sexist Homo!"

Kyle said...

You know I'm there for you guys anytime you want to start disembowling your basement. I just happen to love evisceration.

Kelli Mo'unga said...

The hardest part for us was finding buyers for the pups; the rest was cake. I'd be more than happy to answer any questions you guys have, if I can. I just walked one of my friends through a delivery on the phone last week! Call me sometime 400-4027.

Hope your shoulder is feeling better.