Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kitchen update

I have been meaning to post pictures of my finished kitchen for a few weeks now. While Kory was on a small business trip (Saturday to Sunday) I along with the help of my wonderful neighbor Jess and her brother and sister painted my kitchen. We got it done in no time! Thanks again for your help! It would have taken me hours upon hours to finish it all myself. Also, thanks for everyones input on the colors a few months back it really helped me make up my mind. I was a little worried about painting the walls, but it really made such a huge difference, at least to me anyway. Let me know what you all think. Eventually, we will restain the cabinets so they aren't so yellow looking. I also still have to paint the back entryway, so I am not quite done just yet. Anyway, I will stop rambling, let me know what you all think!

Our kitchen nook

Fridge and stove
Inside the kitchen nook
Back door and cabinets

View from the living room door

Also, I know I have said this before, but we really are finishing up our bathroom this week. We have a few more little things we need to get done and then I will post the pictures. We are also finishing up the rest of the upstairs this week. And hopefully we will be working on the basement in a couple of days.


rain said...

That looks great! I bet life is getting more enjoyable now that you're able to take over your own space. Looking at your kitchen makes me wish I could be better at crap-removal. Even after I've cleaned and organized, my kitchen STILL looks like a dump. Too much stuff, and nowhere to put it. I think I need classes in junk removal. And then I need to wait until Jeff goes to work, so he can't protest.

Sarah said...

Looks great - good job :) I bet Kory was glad when he returned!

Wendy said...

It looks great! I'm glad that it is all coming together for you guys. Maybe one day I'll live in Utah again and I'll get to see it! Good job!

KaSs said...

i LOVE IT! it looks even better in person, very fresh and open.

Jess~ca said...
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Jess~ca said...

You are welcome for the help :) Anytime!

I think it looks fantastic!! I am so excited for ya'll, and we need to hang out my friend!

Shauna said...

Gorgeous! I love it! Was it hard to paint? I want to paint but I'm scared to mess it up.

Amy said...

No it was way easy, the walls were all white, so I didn't have to do anything to them before, I just painted over it. I think you should do it if you are feeling like you want to paint. After all you can just paint over it if you hate it. I really loved my kitchen after I was done, and i finally felt like it was mine.

LeeRae said...

Looks great~
Good job amy!

rachel said...

Wow--it looks great! I'm so impressed that you guys are actually doing all this stuff to your house. If it were me, I'd probably intend to and then never do it. Way to go.

(And Kory, of course I know who you are . . . not only are you married to Amy but I remember you from high school too. Thanks for the comment.