Sunday, March 30, 2008

Our solution to me not liking to cuddle

So I do like to cuddle, but NOT while I am sleeping, I get panic attacks and feel like I am being smothered...Kory on the other hand loves it, so does Zoe. And many people probably think that we are crazy for letting our dog sleep in our bed, but you see we all win because I get to roll over to my side of the bed and sleep peacefully without having to push Zoe or Kory over, and Zoe and Kory get to snuggle up next to each other and I don't have to offend either of them by pushing them away.

So you see we all win!


rain said...

I'm not a cuddler either, when it's bed time. I have a leg-pillow, and that baby gets ALL my attention. I think I get too hot, and I feel like I can't fully relax. Anyway, I always felt bad for Jeff, in that aspect, too. He likes to cuddle. But after ten years together, we've mainly gotten past the fear of "offending" each other.

Angie said...

how romantic! ha ha ha.

jbfly said...

Ha ha ha ha! I only like to cuddle in the winter time... I guess hibernation kicks in and it's not too hot to be in contact with someone else... Who knows, maybe we'll put a window unit in our room and keep it frozen all summer!!!! But sky might like that too much ;)