Thursday, March 20, 2008


Formally known as the "better than sex cake".

I entered this cake into a cake contest for my ward relief society birthday party tonight, and it was a success!

At first I couldn't decide if I wanted to make a really yummy cake or a really cute cake, because lets face it, rarely are they ever both.

So after about a month of debating and thinking about it, I decided to make a cute cake. You see I have this Temple cookie cutter that I have been wanting to use since I got it over two years ago. I mean lets face it how often are you like "gee I want to make someone a plate of temple cookies?" But a Relief society gala is, well, the ideal opportunity to break it out.

Well, anyway I decided that I would use it as a sort of stencil, and then write "Families are Forever" by the side of it. I know so cute right? Well, as cute as that sounds, that just didn't have enough in my mind to be first place material, and lets face it we all know I was in it to win.

So I decided, in order for me to win, I had to not only make it cute, but it had to be super scrumptious. I am not a big cake fan, never have been, except for one cake, which it seems to be just about the best tasting cake there is, and no matter who makes it, it is always delightful!

So me and my friend Jess, got together and made our cake.

We made the cake from a devils food cake mix. When that was done we poked holes in it with a wooden spoon, and poored caramel ice cream topping and sweetened condensed milk over it. Then we made a layer of a few HEATH bars. We let that cool overnight and in the morning we topped it with whip cream.

To decorate we drizzled caramel swirls on the whip cream, placed the "Temple" cookie cutter on top of that, and filled it in with crushed up Score bars. We then took fudge syrup and wrote "Families are Forever" and then lightly sprinkled a few more score bar chunks on top.

My sister suggested we rename the cake to go with our theme. So we named it The "Its better to wait cake"

It was breathtaking, however because we both were kind of crunched for time today, we stumbled into enrichment 30 minutes late and by then pretty much everyone had already voted for their favorite cake. So alas, we didn't win the contest based on looks, however, for taste it was the first one cut into and the ONLY one gone within minutes! SO if you ask me, that right there is first place material! And although it wasn't the prettiest cake to look at, it was whats inside that made it the bell of the ball!

Because I don't have a camera, we didn't remember to take a picture of it until it was all gone, but here is what we left the party with.


Keri said...

That sounds so good! What a cute name too.

rain said...

Yeah, that's how all my food dishes look at the end of any Anderson family function. Or, to be honest, not really anything like that.

Chelsey said...

Yum, that sounds amazingly good. I love the name change too!