Thursday, March 20, 2008

Have you seen me?

Samsung Digimax A503

Date missing: March 19, 2008 around 8pm
LAST SEEN: The chaotic "Chuckee Cheese"

LAST SEEN WITH: The sneaky chocolate cake with butter cream frosting.

- 5.0 mega-pixel digital camera
- 5X digital zoom
- 2.0" TFT LCD monitor
- VGA 24fps move function
- Delightful effect function

WOE is me! I have lost my camera and I fear I will never have it back! It all happened so quickly, one minute it was by my side, and the next minute it was gone. I looked everywhere and asked everyone if they found it, but alas after searching for what it seemed like an eternity, it never showed up. Surely someone had to have seen it? Those things just don't go unnoticed. I cried the whole way home... no joke. I feel like a big piece of me is gone. And the worst part is that I HAD pictures on the camera, and now they are gone, gone forever, and I will never get them back. And if you think thats not bad enough, I had two very important things to photograph today, and did I get to? NO... I really can't blame anyone else but myself. I should have watched more carefully. I should have not let it out of my sight even for a second, because you never know who is lurking around the corner waiting to snatch your most precious belongings from you.
Also, I will never bring anything valuable to Chucke Cheese EVER AGAIN.

And to all my regular readers, I don't know when I will be able to get another camera. Probably not for a very long time. Kory said I cant have any more electronics because I lost/someone stole my thumb drive last year the day before all my finals and yes had to retype about a dozen papers. He says I need to learn to be more careful. So I understand if no one reads my blog anymore because of the lack of visual stimulation...woe is me...


rain said...

You know, it's terrible to be without your beloved things that bring you joy. I had my Ipod stolen in December...I loved it, even though it was a couple years old, and only 1 gig. However, instead of my husband "teaching me a lesson", my husband realized how sad I was to be without it, and bought me a newer, bigger one. I guard it with my life. And I am SOOOO happy and loving. Maybe Kory should think about that.

Kory and Amy said...

yeah he was just giving me a hard time. He knows how sad I am, and I am sure we will work something out. :)

Kory and Amy said...

Oh, and by the way, that camera WAS a replacement that I bought her when we were dating. So maybe we should be thinking about that!

Kory and Amy said...
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