Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Vacation~Day 3

On day three, we thought we would take a trip down memory lane, you know show the kiddos where dad went to school, and all the places we liked to see when we were dating.

But when we drove through downtown Hollywood, we realized something, Hollywood is A LOT different when you have kids in toe. Suddenly you notice all the billboards of scantily clad ladies, and protection devices ;) So we just drove there and quickly decided we probably should do something else.

We did however make a quick stop to one of our favorite places to eat in the area.


And as luck would have it, they happened to be filming what looked like to us some morning review show at the restaurant.

Also, that of course was the morning Axel refused to wear normal clothes. He decided he wanted to wear an inside out Iron Man shirt that I had taken in to fit him. (It was a hand me down from his cousin and he couldn't wait two years to wear, so I took the sides in thinking it would be more of a dress up) He also wore his pants inside out. There was no reasoning him out of it.

I am still curious if he ended up on the show in that ridiculous outfit. But Kory reassured me that most people would just assume he was homeless, since that is common place around those parts.

After pinks we headed to the beach!

This was my first time returning to the beach since our honeymoon, and the first time our kids have seen the ocean.

Dani ran right out to the water no fear, not realizing that the water comes to her just as quickly and was knocked over by a wave....

Poor girl, she was not a fan of if after that...

Axel however was almost too fearless. I was in mom panic mode the whole time he was in the water. While he is an excellent swimmer in the pool, the ocean is quite a bit different.

Dani thinking about going in to get that bird. She LOVES birds. 

Our little family...

Letting our feet get deeper and deeper in the sand, one of my most favorite things to do...
Kory finally got to show them all the gross creatures that live beneath the sand...Can you see his smile? 
He loves that kinda stuff. (Kory not Axel) 
We found a few seashells to take home. 

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from that day...


We spent a lot of time burying each other in the sand


While Kory and Axel played in the ocean, because Dani was kinda scared, she and I spent a lot of time just kickin it on our towels and on the beach.

We drew in the sand...

Axel making it rain sand. 


She pretty much hung out like this the whole day.

Now that is what I call a "Beach Bum!"



Keri said...

That picture of Axel in his outfit made me laugh out loud!

Jess~ca said...

That is ONE HAPPY FAMILY in that last picture! i love it :)