Monday, February 18, 2013

Vacation~Day 2

The next day we headed to SAN DIEGO for.....


We met up with another one of Kory's brothers and a part of his family,  Kevin, Jolyn and Kim. They took us around Sea World.

Kim was such a great tour guide, she really knew her way around, and it was so good to catch up with Jolyn and Kevin as well.

I am so sad, half of my pictures got deleted from my camera from this day. :( Including the part where we got to see the dolphins up close and pet them. :(

Here are some pictures from that day.

Beluga Whale

Axel and Kims "Batmobile" he thought that she was pretty great :)  

  We had fun with sea turtles both real and fake :) 


It's nice going places with others besides the four of us so I can actually be in a picture or two.

We fed the flamingos...

Aunt Jolyn had us feed the rays! It was so cool and so gross at the same time. Dani walked up to this and did this all on her own, before anyone asked or showed her. I am thinking maybe she saw some other kids do it and wanted to too. Such a funny girl.

 Axel followed her lead...

By the end of our day, this little cute girl passed out from exhaustion. We were riding on some sort of sky view, I lost all the pictures from that point on from that day except these few, but the view was AMAZING! 
Kevin Kim and Jolyn, they are amazing, the do this monthly, and it was so nice to have them show us around, we would have been lost without them!

The orca show was so neat! It made me want to go back to school and be a marine biologist! Can you imagine how fun that would be? Minus the maybe one of them attacking you, but seriously these animals are huge, and the tricks were fantastic! It was cool to see them up close too! Both my kids LOVED it! 

Seaworld even had a fun place for the kids to explore...

 Axel ran around here pretending to be a super hero (surprised?) and all these things were bad guys :)

 We even got to meet some sesame street characters! Axel thought that was great

Dani loves elmo, and big bird, but apparently NOT in real life. She was TERRIFIED.

 I love this picture of Kory. I love his laugh, and this shows how much he enjoys being around our kids.

 Axel driving the "Batmobile".

Seaworld was absolutely the best! I can't wait to go again!

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