Friday, February 22, 2013

Fall activities

We enrolled Axel in a lot of activities this fall. Not really thinking they would end up starting all at the same time...I learned my lesson, not that they were bad or anything, we were just BUSY, and busy even for me :)

Co-op Preschool

Remember Joy school? I do, I loved participating in Joy School as a kid. We decided to participate in our neighborhood Co-op Preschool. It is kinda like Joy School in the fact that you trade off teaching. But the mom's decided the curriculum. We had 8 kids participate this fall, so we separated it into two groups. 4 boys and 4 girls. 

At first I was really hesitant, not sure if I could handle teaching every 4 weeks. But once we got into it, Axel really seemed to enjoy it, and I really love being involved in his learning process. He is picking up   his letters, and doing things I wouldn't think about doing with him otherwise. It was a wise choice.

First Day of Preschool! (He went as Dr. Doom) 

Dr Doom is ready to take over pre school! 

Of course we have the first day picture!
 Although I didn't do a chalkboard, or paper you all will just have to deal with that :) 

Dani wanted to go to preschool too, and still cries when we drop him off each week and wants to be included. Poor girl has to wait two more falls! Although she is potty trained (more on that later...)

After dropping off Axel we went for a walk to the park, just Dani and I, it was so unreal to have just one kid again for a few hours. 

We also enrolled him in one of our neighbors dance class, because I wanted him to be more comfortable performing in front of others. His teacher was amazing! His class had all boys and one girl in it so she geared it to them, they jumped like frogs through hoops, and were knights and so much more. (He really liked pretending to be a knight) 

(excuse the blurriness, these were taken from outside the door window. (he is the red shirt)


I was so excited to sign him up for Soccer this year, but had I realized it was going to be in the same month as preschool and dance, I probably would have decided against it. 

Axel was really excited to go to Soccer. And when we got there he really got into it and was having so much fun.

Sitting listening to the coaches

He loved playing with the "Tigris" Ball he borrowed from cousin Maddy.

Getting ready to make a goal...the wind up

Playing around the field, in his terribly long yellow shirt. You would think that if you were going to make a bunch of shirts for toddlers you would at least get smaller shirts.

Then they had the kids run around the field, wearing these huge shirts they gave them, and about halfway through the run, he threw his arms down, turned around and came back to us and said he was done.

(He is the little one in the back with the EXTRA long shirt)

We tried to encourage him to keep trying, but he didn't want to. Each week when we asked if he wanted to go back, he would say "No, I don't like soccer." I was bummed. He has always been into sports, and loved playing soccer, and baseball especially. 

Eventually the last week we convinced him to try it one more time. To which I am glad I did, because he had a lot more fun this time.

Having a bit more fun, maybe it was the time of day, he didn't lap the field this time with his team, and I think that made the difference. He is just not a runner.

He is please with his medal, and proud of himself.

I am glad we ended on a positive note. I remember feeling that way, if something doesn't work for me the first time I give up. After having Axel I realized that with kids you have to keep trying, and that you wont always get it right the first, second, third and 100th time, but you keep trying.

Teaching him that lesson is a hard one, he is a perfectionist like both Kory and I, so we are constantly telling him to keep trying when he thinks things are too hard for him. 

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