Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vacation~ Day 1

Our Family went on our very first family vacation in September, and it was SO NICE! I get why people go on them now, we got much better sleep, and our kids are closer than they ever had been before, They ACTUALLY play together now. It was just what the doctor ordered.

DAY one
We opted to fly there instead of driving. This was my first time flying with either of my children and they did SO great. Kory is pro at the flying thing, so he had it down to a system, and I just had to follow his lead, he got us fantastic seats, and Axel got to look out the window the entire way. Dani was well, Dani, she flipped through books in seconds, went from lap to lap, but surprisingly enough she was pretty good. She wasn't "That baby" on the plane that I feared and fretted she would be.

Busiest girl I know!

Kory promised me he would try to smile in pictures on this trip....he's trying.

From the airport we went to our hotel...See all the brake lights? Gotta love LA traffic.

I loved our hotel, it was so clean, and quiet and nice. Our bed was so comfy too. I want to go back just for that. Did I mention how CLEAN it was.

I don't know why I always take pictures of the Hotel rooms, but I find them nostalgic. Maybe because they are your home away from home, even though they are brief, memories are formed there. 

We were on the top floor, and the view was mostly industrial buildings during the day, but I loved how you could see for miles! 
At night it was FANTASTIC! I love city lights. 

That night we met up with one of Kory's brothers John and his wife Alison. They treated us to BOB's BIG BOY BURGERS. This was a nice treat because it was Kory's Grandpa's favorite restaurant back in the day. And we can totally see why, it was so delicious! After a day of traveling a hamburger never tasted so good! 
 It was so nice to visit with them and catch up! 

Because my kiddos are the stinking cutest!

My kids LOVED John and Alison!

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Awesome!! I want a vacation now! :)