Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Instead of answering you all in the comments section I thought I would just respond here.

I was so flattered that so many of you liked my header, weather you sent me a text or made a comment, I just wanted to say thank you!

Yes! I did design it!

It actually was inspired after I created this design for my kids room. It is still a work in progress, I can not decide what to do with it. (It is an attempt to meld the colors of the room together, and I know less is more, so feel free to give me feedback...)

I can't decide on the placement of the kids. Or if I like the bubbles and flowers...what do you think?

I have been designing my headers for as long as I have been blogging, but none have had such a response (minus my couple loyal fellow graphic artist friends... you know who you are :) )

But I have been feeling pretty mediocre lately with my graphic design abilities, so I just wanted to tell you all thanks for the love and support! I would be happy to show/help anyone how to do this too, just shoot me an email!

I have also been working like crazy to get my 2012 planners out, and I am sooo excited for them! I can't wait to start using them as well! I loved my previous design, but it definitely had its flaws, and for me I feel like this will be a great improvement to that.

I  am doing a sale and today (27) and tomorow (28) are the very last days to get them for CRAZY cheap. $10 in fact! Go here for all the details, and to request an order form! Make sure you follow the directions in the events page!

This is what the cover will be:
Here are a couple of the sections. I am particularly found of the laundry section, it makes me want to do laundry, just so I can use the chart!

Our best seller, is this Meals/Grocery section side by side with the Grocery list, seriously it has revolutionized my shopping with small kids, and I am not just saying that either.  

Here are a couple of the divider color schemes. Each planner comes with a divider for each section, and a pocket on the back to help you store all those extra papers.  

 We have some bold choices

And some more monochromatic choices


Kelli said...

I like the kids closer together. If i have a girl next you should make me one :)

rain said...

I think your graphic design is really cute, too. And I also think you look great in your new glasses.

Ashley said...

I like the first one best. So creative and cute.

saraH said...

Love your new glasses, and love the header, yes! You are so talented!

Steve and Sheri Nelson said...

I also love your header, I have been meaning to tell you! You are so talented at graphic design. I also love you calendars! I feel bad I am so behind on commenting. I love the prints you are making too. My opinion is to keep it more simple like your banner. I think I would like it without the bubbles and stars a little more, but that is just me. It's all darling no matter what. You are super amazing! I hope all is going well! I hate that I haven't made it to a craft night yet. I end up having to work most of the time last minute. :(

Steve and Sheri Nelson said...

Okay, I just looked at your print again bigger and noticed that the flowers flow into the bubbles and that Axel is holding a bubble wand...it makes me like it more. :) Like I said before, it's all super cute. I also think I like the kids closer together, that's my vote.