Tuesday, April 10, 2012

miss me?

Umm is it just me or did March just kind of come and go in record time!?

 March has been one crazy, fun, and exciting month for our little family!  We have been quite busy! And I am sorry to say that my blog has been the only thing I have let kinda drop as I have been adjusting to all these changes, see I told you all I don't do well with change...

So I hope you wont mind my quick little update, by quick I mean long, and by little I mean loads of pictures!

My first paid Party gig

So once upon a time I tried my hand at cake pops for Axel's first birthday. They were a huge hit, I couldn't believe something so simple could be such a delicacy and have so many people swooning! After that I started getting requests from close friends to make them for small baby showers, blessing and birthdays.

But word spread and I randomly got a lady who had tasted my cake pops at a family members shower and wanted to hire me for her daughters birthday! I was so flattered! It was some what nerve racking to make them under that pressure, but they loved them, so it all worked out!

Then not less than a week later my sister asked if she could hire me to throw her sons party, and she didn't really care what I did, so long as there was a leprechaun treasure hunt and they got a goodie bag and a cake pop at the end. SWEET!

I had so much fun planning, shopping and preparing every detail for his St. Patrick's Day/ Birthday Party! 

Here is a brief preview.... you can look at the rest of the pictures here.

The cake pops

I dyed the inside of the cake with food coloring BEFORE cooking it to make it green 

We played a gold coin toss into the jars for a prize, such a simple game, we already had the jars, and coins!
 I really liked how this window turned out! The sun highlighted it just perfectly!
 It was nearly impossible to find St. Patrick's day stuff even though I went shopping two weeks before, it was all Easter stuff. However, I did find these cute party hats at the Dollar store, and Kory convinced me to make the chin strap beards for all the guests. I still have way way too much orange material if anyone needs some. But Joann's came to the rescue and the week before the party I was able to find a TON of St Patrick's Day party favors for 40 percent off! It was a steal!

We took pictures of all the kids in their hats, and beards when they arrived. Here are some pictures of my two favorite little leprechauns!

We tied balloons together to make these giant clovers all over.
 We played "Pin the Chin-Strap on the Leprechaun", and this is the Axel sized leprechaun I designed and printed and then had to color it, because it was way to costly to print in color. The difference was .75 cents a square foot vs 7.50 a square foot! But Axel and I had fun coloring it, and all the kids were super impressed :) 
 We played "Hot Shamrock" I made a shamrock out of rice and fabric and the kids tossed/threw it around the circle. I am always surprised how much kids love simple games with simple rules.

 We then of course let the the birthday boy open his gifts
Who doesn't love a good game of heavy heavy hang over! --the birthday boy looks un-amused!

And we sang happy birthday! And loaded the kids up with cake pops before the last game.

 Lastly, we had  the main event, requested by the birthday boy. A treasure hunt for the Leprechauns Pot of Gold. We put clues all over the house on over sized coins. Aislynn was such a good sport to direct and lead ALL the kids around the house to find and read the clues. And I must say there is NOTHING more chaotic then 26+ kids trying to find clues on a treasure hunt inside. But they had a blast!

This was the last clue and the "Gold at the end of the Rainbow!" I wish I would have gotten white balloons, the package of the balloons said it was light blue, but they were closer to navy. oh well. Rain cloud colored balloons are more realistic anyway...right?

 Each guest got their own little "Pot of Gold" along with a couple other goodies in a little cellophane bag. I loved how these turned out! I painted 26 little baby food jars with chalkboard paint, and filled them full of Rolo's and Hershey's Gold nuggets. I was so glad I had saved all those jars from Axel, I had just enough! And it was nice to free up the space in my cabinet!
all the kids scarfing down there pots of gold! 
And because I think this picture is fantastic!
More to come!


Jess~ca said...

awesome job!! It's funny that you are mentioning people hiring you for partis, because I was just thinking the other day, how nice it would be if you lived here and could help me with Shane's super hero party!! You are super creative :)

Keri said...
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Keri said...

That's so cool. It looks like you had fun and you did a great job.

Ashley said...

Hahaha....love the Beards so creative!
Everything looked great, good job dude!

KaSs MiLeS said...

Wow that looks so awesome!! You are a really good party planner, I'm always impressed!

Jessie Eyre said...

Why the heck do I spend so much time trying to plan something like this when I could have been hiring YOU all this time?! Great work! Adorable stuff!!!

Its nice to have you back....missed seeing those adorable little kiddos of yours! Hugs