Thursday, February 23, 2012


Instead of cleaning, or doing bills or whatever else I do during the day, I have been gawking at the photo's I got last week from Jessica Peterson! I am obsessed! She did such a great job at capturing the my kids personalities, and getting Axel to break out of his shell.

You can see them on my facebook here. 

But for those of you who aren't friends with me on facebook, like blog stalkers, you are so welcome!

Enjoy! And feel free to leave me a comment if you do stop by, or better yet go here, and give this lady some words of encouragement!


Jill said...

These are so fun and your kids are too cute! I hope at least a few of these get blown up huge for your wall.

Taber & Rebecca said...

These are ADORABLE! I LOVE the second black & white one of Dani - such beautiful eyes!

Steve and Sheri Nelson said...

I LOVE these! I haven't seen all the ones of Dani yet. Such cute, cute kids. She is so darling!