Thursday, October 6, 2011

zoobilie zoo

Do you remember that show? anyway...

For Kory's Birthday we took a much needed mini trip to the zoo. Mini meaning it was our family vacation for the year. Sad as that may sound to some, it was exactly what we all needed. We had a lot of fun!

Axel was much more into the animals this year than last year when when he was still a baby.

He LOVED the monkeys, and the monkey's and gorilla's did not disappoint this year. They were very alert and would go right up to the glass and such. Axel's FAVORITE part of the show was watching both young gorilla's go to the bathroom. He was pretty excited to see the "monkey poop".

 However this statue monkey was NOT his friend.

Speaking of big scary gorilla's, they were cleaning the outdoor cages so the gorilla's were stuck inside for a bit. After awhile the big one got really frustrated and started to charge the door, and shake the gate and it was pretty scary, because we were right there. Everyone jumped back because it was so sudden.

Although he seems to have a temper he also had a gentle side and offered some of his hay to Baby Girl. Had she been able she would have totally taken it from him. I was pretty glad to have that glass between him and our babies. I definitely wouldn't want to meet that guy in the wild.

Dani's favorite part I assume was the elephant. I think they moved slow enough and were big enough to catch her attention. She just laughed and giggled at them, and swooped her arms at them.
 It was really hard to get pictures taken of everything with this girl, as you can see she held my camera case the whole time, and any time I got out my camera to take pictures she would try to grab it. Stinker!
 Some more monkeys
 It's not the zoo with out a picture of our little family in front of these tigers. Go Here to see how much our family has grown in a little over a year!

 It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of these two looking at the camera. Believe it or not Kory was the more cooperative one!

And of course to see how we measure up next to a gorilla!


Kyle said...

Zoobilee zoooo, zoobilee zooo. Magic and wonder are waiting for you! It's as a close as a dream, and as a briiight as the briiightest blue!

I sing that song all the time to Felix. Although I haven't seen it since I was like 7. And even then I kinda hated it. But had the hugest crush on the girl kangaroo.

Ashley said...

Wow zoobilie zoo, definitely takes me back.

Love the picture of the family on the tiger, its a keeper.

I miss the zoo its definitely been awhile. I think ashdon was around 6 month when we last went. I'm sure the experience is a little different.
I don't remember Axel being that little chubby baby!

Judd & Leslie Zimmerman said...

Hands down, you guys make THE cutest kids. I loved it when Kennedy finally started to enjoy things like the zoo. Makes outings a lot more fun.

rain said...

Oh my goodness. I loved that show! But I was also a little bit scared of them--kind of like those weird orange cat/bird thingies on Labyrinth that would take their heads off and toss them around? Anyway...
I'm glad you guys got a vacation. And you're all animal lovers, so I'm glad it was good for you.
I'm always amazed at how people love the zoo. I mean, I like it, too...but there are smells there that make me gag. And the monkey cages are the worst. Why do I hate monkey's/apes so much? Perhaps I shall never know.

KaSs MiLeS said...

that looks like fun. the zoo is kind of torture for me and jerome. it just doesn't have magic for me anymore. maybe when gauge can walk. :)
i love the picture of you and dani. such beautiful girls!!