Monday, October 3, 2011


I have a 4 month old! AGAIN, and this time it came much much quicker!

Drinking from a cup
She is already following in her brother's footsteps by trying to steal my cup! She has enjoyed the sips of water I have given her now and again. She's faster than Axel was.  He was more sly about stealing my cup from me, but she has quick quick hands and if she wants it she will grab it!

She also tries to steal anything she can off my plate. I was at a baby shower the other day and she grabbed my whole bunch of grapes and shoved them in her mouth before I could stop her. 

Chatty McChatterson
She has started to make a lot of sounds but our favorite one is "haaaaaaaa" 
She often says this to new faces that approach her, like when daddy comes home for work. I like to pretend she is saying hi, because that is what it sounds like, and that is when she does it. They say that babies this age aren't making any sort of connection with the words they make so who knows really. 
 I was at the grocery store the other day in the check out line, and I was attending to Axel's many many demands for a sucker and balloon, when two young guys behind me say "My what a friendly little girl!"  I guess she had been smiling and talking to them the whole time. She is such a ham.

She is a rolling over like a champ. Tummy time? What's that? The second you put her on her tummy she will flip right over. She has no use for being on her tummy. She rolled over for the first time at two months, but now it is every time she is on her tummy. She has rolled over from front to tummy once or twice but not consistently. It will be any day now, she just has to find the motivation to be on her tummy.

Last night she was starting to scoot towards an object while on her tummy! So I think she will be mobile in no time.  

Head shoulders knees and TOES!
She has discovered her legs, and toes, if you have seen her sticking her legs straight out before, it is hard to imagine she could do it even more, but she does.

Last night she spent all dinner kicking the animals hanging from her bouncer with her feet at a 90 degree angle. Her legs are pretty tough little things. She prefers to stand over sitting. Something that we forget sometimes because Axel was such a content baby to just sit there and chill.

 She is sitting up pretty well now on my lap or on the couch, with a little assistance, but she is getting pretty close to doing it on her own. I think I need to be better about giving her those opportunities to practice. When you have a big dog like ours it is hard to want to put your tiny baby on the ground to explore play and practice the things she needs to.

There were 3 in the bed and the little one said ROLL OVER!
Another big milestone for her and her brother is that they have made the transition to sharing a bedroom! She in her crib and he in his toddler bed for the past two weeks. Nap time is a whole different story since she takes a bunch of naps and he just takes one really long one, so we still have her pack and play in our bedroom for when she needs one of her 5 naps.  We are still working the kinks out, like she still has a feeding in the middle of the night because I am too scared to let her make to much noise out of fear she'll wake Axel, but I think now that she has been in there long enough he no longer sees her as foreign noise. So he sleeps right through any noise she makes. Last night for example she was having a hard time, and woke up every hour so I was in there every hour trying to figure out what her deal was. But he slept just fine. 

Today was her 4 month check up and she is doing great! I wont bore you with the details but she is 30 percentile in all areas. Just a tiny thing, but growing steady like she should. I am little less worried about that this time around, except for the fact she is our little "barf bag" seriously though this girl is constantly covered in puke, and puking. I am kinda at a loss because our Dr just says "well babies throw up." and kinda acts like I am dumb. Which I am like duh, I know!  But for it to be an all the time thing, and not just when she just ate. Did anyone else have this issue with their babies? But I guess I shouldn't worry about it, because she is growing just fine.  Maybe I should invest in rain coat for the both of us. :)

 **What she's wearing : a HAND knitted jumper from Kelli. Leggings: Babies R US.  High tops: CLEARANCE sneakers from Shopko $4 dollars baby! Hair accessory: Gifted from Rainey.


KaSs MiLeS said...

she seriously is such a gorgeous girl. i love her little tiny frame and those big eyes. so pretty. i can't believe how fast time is flying by. its alarming!! she's going to be sassing at you before you know it!!

Shanna & Brad said...

Wow! She is going to be mobile so early! Or maybe it just seems early to me since she started rolling over about 5 months before Landon did:) She sure is a cutie!

LeRae said...

awwwwww your kids are adorable!!!
Miss you~~~~~~~~

rain said...

Such a sweetie. It goes so fast. Sydney is already huge...almost three and tall, and yet, she'll always be my baby. She's still the one that will never be truly grown up, to me. Dani's getting so much personality!! This is like the beginning of when babies are super-fun, I think. When they start being who they'll be. I love that huge smile.

Jessie Eyre said...


Time just goes faster and faster.....and if I might add, your kids keep getting cuter and cuter...which is especially tricky for you guys because you wouldn't think that anything to come close to how cute Axel is....

So, maybe, since Dani is already so old, you should get on making more...Just sayin...