Tuesday, October 11, 2011

motivation where are you?

So in my last post I said I wasn't going to blog for a while because I had a craft-a-thon to do, but it really is not working out as I had hoped. I have still been doing extra projects this week, just not to the fun part yet I guess.

But here I sit on my computer, completely exhausted from taking care of my two kids today, and all I want to do is lay here and do nothing but look at blogs and pinterest and just be the lazy unmotivated person I have turned into.

The kind of person that doesn't accomplish much in a day other than feeding kids, herself, and keeping them happy and healthy. But I consider that a good use of my time, I guess what I am saying is I don't know if crafts really still bring me joy like they used to. I would much rather spend it with my kiddos, and feel it is a better use of my time. SO even though my crafting week didn't really work out, I think it still had it's ups.

Speaking of my kids. I took this picture of baby girl and a couple days ago when I was on my computer and she on my lap trying to push the buttons. This is her mesmerized face the one she gives people until they smile at her. Sometimes she will then yell at you until you acknowledge her.  Shortly after this picture she smiled at herself but you know how the Photo booth goes...

 Then I started scrolling through my pictures and came across this one of Axel

And this one 

These were both taken of him at 6 months. For the most part I think this is the age where he looks like baby girl, maybe it's the bald thing. But he is two months older in these pictures but I have always thought she looks like him at this age. 
I kept looking through pictures and came across this picture of Axel at the same age Dani is right now, and they look nothing a like. Then again he looks nothing like the pictures above either. He changed so much in those two months, he lost his long dark locks, and his baggy eyes, he still had his chubby cheeks, and he learned to smile a lot more. But for the most part he was way different.

My point is this, I wonder how much baby girl will change in the next couple months. I can't imagine her with a ton of hair, or light hair. But I never thought Axel would have light hair either, and he is as blonde as blonde can be now. 

Babies grow and change so much, I am always sad to say goodbye to each phase when it is time to move on, but happy and excited for the new things they learn.  Like we just said goodbye to baby girl being that baby that just will chill and sit there. She has always wiggled yes, but she now wants to get down and play and roll around and just be doing what everyone else is doing. But on the flip side she is rolling over from back to front and front to back all the time, if she sees something she wants she will just flip over and over to get it, we also pulled out her bouncer and she loves being able to stand up in it.

This is Dani a month or so ago, she is a lot more giggly now, and we LOVE it.
The video above is of Axel being a pirate. We love his arm move :) I love how much Axel loves all things boy, sports, pirates, robots, skateboards, drums and guitars. He has been really into singing lately. Each day he gets better and better with the Backyardigan songs, and other songs. we often hear him singing to himself. He is turning into such a little guy.


KaSs MiLeS said...

i actually thought that first picture of axel was dani. they look soooo much alike! i never realized it before. how funny!
sorry you're motivation is gone. i hate that feeling!

Jess~ca said...

Right now I feel successful at the end of the day if

A. We got out and did something in the morning.

B. We both got a nap!

C. Shane didn't watch more then an hour or two of TV ...

So you can imagine what will happen when baby boy Cael comes into this world!! So if you get anything done after putting to bed two HAPPPY kids, then you do have motivation ;) Plus you blogged and hat requires a motivation that I have a hard time with! I'd much rather read other peoples blogs and comment on them!

Steve and Sheri Nelson said...

Where is the "like" button for comments? I agree with what Jessica said. Kuddos for getting some blogging done. I am glad you are feeling fulfilled, doing what is most important. :) Kids grow up so fast and it is so important to treasure all the wonderful moments. I love the pics and videos. SO cute.:)

rain said...

I'm kinda flabbergasted that you're thinking you've lost your motivation. From what I see/hear of what you're constantly doing and going, I would say that you are a TON more motivated than I could ever pretend. Having two babies is HARD. Why doesn't anyone ever admit this? I mean, just remembering enough diapers when you walk out of the house is a big deal. Add that to snacks and car seats, and everything else, and it overwhelms me just thinking about it. And then? On top of that? You watch other babies. If I gave you my daily schedule, you'd just die. And you'd wonder how I consider myself a somewhat busy adult. And yet, for me, it honestly seems like it's MORE than enough, each day.