Monday, October 10, 2011

Life on my phone

I wish my phone took better pictures because it seems to be my go to camera. But the quality is always gross unless I am outside then it works fantastic. But it seems to do a better job at capturing the more priceless moments of my day to day life with the kids. So here are some of the ones from the past couple months that I got a major kick out of. One day I think I would like a snazzy iphone, that would be swell, but for now these will do.

A play date with nixon. They both have grown so much since then
A month ago I tried to potty train story and Axel together, they were bare bummed most of the day.
 and drank a lot of juice
 and ate popsicles and had to change their clothes due to some "accidents" ie Axel peeing on the floor and then Story running and slipping on it while trying to get away.
When we went bed shopping for Axel we met up with Ashley at IKEA. The boys had fun playing on all the beds in the toddler section. 
Ashdon made himself right at home
Along with that one of the first nights Axel had his new bed he opted to sleep on his chair instead.
Axel is TERRIFIED of our dr's floor. He was walking very carefully on the edge next to the wall. We are not sure what he thought it was, but he kept asking for "huggies" and for us to hold him.
 Axel's cousin Andy made him some really cute "gabba gabba" drawings the other day, he absolutely loved them
 First time with play dough. Story just kinda stared and didn't know what to do really, but they both have gotten much better since then and we play with it on a regular basis.
 Axel thinks my bra is a hat, so he put it on baby girl.
 Baby girl was trying to sit up all on her own here.
 Axel was pretty excited about this robot book sent to him all the way from Georgia from his buddy Shane. We read it every night and he has it memorized.
 Chillin with cousin nixon, these two seem to be best buds, they like to hold each others hands and suck on them.
Axel found a "SMAKE" in the yard and was pretty happy about it
I often take pictures of Kassie's kids because they are a lot more cooperative, and this one is too cute to not share. You are welcome Kass. 
 On the day I was taking pictures of Kassie's kids for her birthday Axel decided he too wanted to pose with the yellow flowers too. 
I let Axel try licking the frosting from the beater for the first time. He didn't trust me at first, luckily Story was there to show him how it's done. 

Maybe these pictures aren't funny to anyone else but me, but we thought they were pretty great. 

This is going to be my last blog for a while as I am having a "craft-a-thon" this week. We'll see how much I can get done, but then I will blog all about it! 


Ashley said...

Phone pics are the best, your camera actually does pretty good!
Mine is terrible, they are always super blurry.
Love the bum picture, and ashdon in the ikea bed cracks me up!

What will you be doing for your craft a thon, that sounds fun!!

Jess~ca said...

Love the pictures :) Shane is a lot nicer buddy to play with now, and really enjoys being around other kids and playing nicely!

I always seem to take pictures with my phone too! It has a long delay from the moment you push the button and the actual picture so I get fustrated a lot!!Oh well! I hope you get lots of fun crafts done! I tried to make a tie from Sheri's skinny tie tutorial last night and it turned out pretty well :)

KaSs MiLeS said...

i thought they were hillarious. i love that he's afraid of the floor. :) sooo funny. i can't believe you posted a picture of my daughters bum though, jerome is sooo mad at you!! (just kidding, i told him you asked first). great post!

rain said...

I love baby bums. Does that make me a sicko? I hope not...I just really don't think there are many things that compare to the cuteness. Also, I thought your pictures were great. I love my iPhone, and it's totally my go-to camera. And it's not even one of the nice ones. It's like, 5 mega-pixels less, or something. But the apps always make them look better than they really are. I think you do a great job.