Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Sweet sweet swimming

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who "lent me a shoulder to cry on" from my last post.
I felt a lot better after I wrote that, and then cried to Kory. I am doing much better, I am still trying to adjust to "taking it easy" but I am feeling more in control of it now. If that makes any sense. Kory suggested I call my Dr and have them define and give me a list of things I should and shouldn't do so I don't drive myself crazy wondering if I am pushing myself too hard. I really liked that idea, but forgot to do that today. SO tomorrow I will call. I think it will put a lot of people around me at ease as well.

The GOOD News is my car is FIXED! well sort of, we still have to fix the oil leak. But the clutch is fixed. yeah! And, before anyone goes and judges me for wearing down my clutch, I just want to mention that I have NEVER had to replace the clutch on that car since I purchased it back in 2003. I had over 130,000 miles on that baby before it went out. So yeah it was time, but for the record I am a pro.

So, one of the things that had been getting me down about the whole "taking it easy thing" was that recently I have been going to an aerobics class once a week at our ward building. My friend Charity (remember her from my dance group way back in the day?) is the instructor and put together an amazing routine which I only did a moderate version of it, but it still kicked my butt. Mostly because Axel started to hate going because there was an older kid that kept taking his basketball, and if you know my kid, THAT IS NOT OK. So most of the time I spent picking him up and giving him hugs or holding him sometimes.

It was also on the same day I babysat Story, and she LOVED it. Actually, that is an understatement, she just had the time of her life there. She even participated in the routine from time to time, during her favorite songs :) Which were the cowgirl one and the 1920's style (I am thinking Backyardigans had A LOT to do with that).

Because I can't do the class, I felt like I needed to replace it with some other form of exercise. My Dr suggested swimming. He said that was something I CAN do.

I have been wanting to start swimming regularly for a while now, it helped me so much with Axel, so I wanted to do the same with her. Easier said then done because 1) it was my job at the time. 2) I had access to a free pool 3) I didn't have a toddler to chase around. 4) it was summer, I was tan, and pools were a dime a dozen.

So I looked up our City's pool and you know what? The hours totally blow for that pool. Unless I got up and went at like 6 am, noon, or after dinner, all of which are terrible times for us, I didn't see it happening.

So I started looking up other pool hours. Ashley agreed to come with me, which made it much much more doable because its always more fun when you have a friend. So I looked up all the different pools in the valley, and decided the Legacy Pool in Lehi would be our best choice. My mom and sister go all the time, but I never wanted to go with them because I never had a toddler to entertain...until now.

So yesterday, I dropped Kory off at work, (my car wasn't fixed yet) I picked up Ash and Ashdon, and we headed over to the pool bright and early 8:00am in fact. We had so much fun because we were the ONLY ones there. We went right at opening because I had to make the drive anyway to take Kory to work. The boys LOVED it, and so did our big pregnant bellies. We will be going again for sure.

And here are some GREAT pictures from the trip. Have I mentioned how much I love my underwater camera? I can't wait until Axel is a little bit older and we can shoot him UNDER the water!
Both boys were a little uncertain at first.
The pool had this amazing kid area that was the perfect depth for these little dudes. They loved the water fountains
It also had these bouncy seat things

They of course had to practice blowing bubbles :)

And went crazy splashing around and playing together.You know that REALLY funny movie that came out in the 90's featuring Kristi Alley, and Jon Travolta with all those really funny babies? No? it wasn't funny? well despite the cheesiness of said monologue babies, I couldn't help but put a story to these pictures when I went through the photos. So ENJOY, because you know you will :)

"Hey Ashdon, Look at this Killer slide! I dare you to go down it?"
"Wow.... "

" are on!"
"Oh man! I can't believe you are doing this!""Rock and Roll!"

"Man! he is sooo cool!"
The real story was, we put him down the slide, and it was sooo crazy steep the minute ash let go he went right under the water, and it was really scary. But he was super brave about it after as seen in the picture above, and being the cute boy he is, he of course gave a big smile for my camera. We opted not to put Axel down, maybe when they get older, but I don't think the slide is for toddlers.

After we went swimming I went to the grocery store and some strange vendor lady there came up to me and just gave me a $5 gift card! At first I thought she was trying to sell me something and I was kinda bugged, but I am so glad I put on my polite face. :)

Then I went and picked up Kory for lunch and he came out to the car and handed me a little gift bag that had all sorts of goodies in it. Nothing too fancy but there was a $5 gift certificate for Starbucks, (don't worry no coffee for this mama, but I am ALL about hot chocolate and steamers)

So despite my bad week, even the universe seemed to understand that I needed a break and for things to go well that day, and they sure did :)

Thanks again everyone for your kind words, and I know a lot of people are praying for us, which I know sounds strange but I can tell the difference, so thanks I appreciate it.

PS I also posted a tutorial for some frames I worked on below. Check them out if you want to!


KaSs MiLeS said...

that pool looks so awesome!!! i will have to take story there sometime. looks really fun!

Ashley said...

Thanks for posting the pictures they turned out super cute.....and thanks for posting none of me i got a little worried scrolling down.
That pool was pretty awesome! I'm ready to go again, let me know when you are.

Emily said...

So glad you are doing better. It would be very frustrating to not be able to do everything you want and need to do.

rain said...

Glad you're feeling better! Those bouncy things look awesome. And in that last picture? I think you look EXACTLY like Hilary.

Jessie Eyre said...

Cutest frames! Great work, as always! I'm glad you're doing better since the "scare!" That IS scary...but be assured that you're doing the right things and everything will be great in a few months when baby comes! Just hang in there! Hugs