Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A little bit of this and a little bit of that....

It's been awhile since I posted an "Everything Axel" post. I think it's because basically MOST of the pictures I have of him are like this...

Or this
By the time I get the camera out to take a picture the moment is gone. So this week I made it my goal to be better, and document more of this very fun stage that he is in, because... in a moment it will be gone... I know poetic right?

Axel LOVES booksThis little blue chair was Kory's grandma's, and it is our FAVORITE chair in the house. I had to beg Kory to let me keep it, when they were giving it away. I still get sad the other one went to DI. At the time I thought it was absolutely adorable, and exactly what I wanted for Axel's nursery, but also it is unbelievably comfortable, even Kory will agree it is the favorite in our house. This is also the only seat that is low enough to the ground that Axel can climb up on, so we find him sitting here daily going through book after book. The picture above I found him reading to Nicolas, and the picture below with Zoe soaking in the sun.

If you want to be a pirate, just ask Axel what to do
Axel LOVES pirates. Something he picked up from his cousin Story, that we happily enforced. He even says ARRGH instead of yes most of the times. I made him this pirate patch because he is always putting things like caps over his eye, or pot holders on his head and will walk around our house saying ARRRGH! I took him and Story to Story time at the library on Thursday, and their letter for the day was R, the whole time Axel and Story beamed with harty pirate voices ARRRGH! ARRRGH! ARRRGH!

He still is a big fan of wearing sun glasses... but not shirts apparently
And wearing Grandpa's hat
And watching Backyardigans and Super Why! (His new favorite)
Kory and I always joke about what TV zombies these two are. I don't think they even noticed me taking pictures of them.

And Bubbles
This kid loves bubbles, (what kid doesn't right?) but we have this book that goes "Bubbles bubbles on my nose," This book was Axel very first FAVORITE BOOK. He had to read it every night from like 9 months on. He loved the "Ba", which later turned into Bath, and "bu" which later became "bubbles." But what is exciting about it this week, is when you say "Bubbles Bubbles on my...." He will shout "NOSE!" and finish it for you. We have been getting a big kick out of it this week. Speaking of Nose, Axel can say nose, eyes, ears and....
Pie hole. (which used to be mouth but Kory taught him to say that instead.) I am so proud....

He is remembering his LOVE for Watermelon
We visited Grandma and Grandpa Anderson this week and they sent us home with a big slice of watermelon, and we let Axel have a go at it before we cut it up for dinner. And he ATE and ATE and ATE. Which is funny because Axel's namesake (Kory's great uncle) grew watermelons in his yard, his dad recalls that his entire front lawn was a huge watermelon patch! I was sold on the name the minute I heard that story. Kory's parents are also big watermelon fans and I always feel like they are the two people who (besides my own family who also could eat watermelon at every meal) understand my craziness about watermelon. I am so glad this trait runs thick in Axel's blood :)

He also Loves walking to and from church now that it is warming up and pointing to all the things around him!
This Sunday we left church early because my brother in law Brian was getting the Melchizedek priesthood. It was such a wonderful day for their family and we were so happy to be a part of it.

He's been really into Babies lately...
This one (my very first cabbage patch)

This doll was my very first cabbage patch, I took great care of it and have been saving it for one of my daughters one day. Well the other day when going through my stuff I came across it and another rainbow bright doll, and decided I could put them in the play room for our baby girl. The next day, Axel was throwing a monster fit, I can't remember about what, and I was trying to clean up lunch, I left him in the kitchen for a minute while I took the trash out. All the while thinking he would be furious with me for 1.) not giving him what he wanted and 2.)For going outside with out him. But when I walked through our front door it was silent. I thought maybe Kory had heard him and came upstairs to his rescue, but when I walked in the kitchen I saw him sitting on the floor with the rainbow bright doll, playing with her hair, he looked up at me, showed her to me, and then gave her a big hug and kiss.
And this one. Kassie had her baby boy on Sunday, and we have visited her a few times in the hospital and Axel loves looking at him and saying "BABY". He will also point to my belly, his belly and Kory's belly and say "Baby" and sometimes he will give my baby a big hug. :)

He also LOVES this girl

Today was our last day watching this little girl for 3 months, which makes me sad for us, but happy for her and her mommy. We have loved having her over at our house to play, she is always such a delight and has taught Axel many many things about how to be awesome. As you can tell from the picture above, it just comes natural to her. When I put these on her she said "So Pretty, Cheese!" and then she waited like this until I got my camera out to take a picture. She also said "baby Gauge" a bunch of times on our way to visit her new little brother, and when I asked her what her baby's name was she yelled "Gauge!"

Axel had to be in a picture once he saw Story pose for one as well.


KaSs MiLeS said...

She has been very into getting her picture taken lately. After you left her yesterday she kept saying "baby brother!" she really likes him, but is frustrated with me not being able to pick her up. Axel is so cute in those pictures,

Jess~ca said...

Axel is AWESOME! I think Shane would love hangin out with him, they seem to have similar interests :) And I wish we could walk to church, sometimes it is frustrating not living down the street from everyone in our ward, it makes getting to know them all harder!

I need another planner, so I'll be getting in touch soon! I have LOVED it!

Ashley said...

What a little stud Axel is! He is such a smart little guy.
Your lucky you can get those two to watch tv. The most i can get Ashdon to watch lately is 10-15 min of Thomas the train.

Let's get together soon!

Jessie Eyre said...

We LOVE superWHY (or Obvious reasons)...that, and mickey mouse clubhouse are the only cartoons we really pay any attention to.

I can't get enough of Axel! He's such a mini Kory--even his looks are like that.

One last thought---grandma chairs seriously are the BEST. Its because they have been sat in so much that they just KNOW how to hug their sitter. I love it. I love that you kept it. You're such a sentimental person.