Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Hey Mr...

So this post is dedicated to my very fabulous friend and sister in-law Kassie, and her soon to be born, baby boy, Mr. Gauge Miles.

A few weeks ago I put together a "Girl's Night Out" in honor of her little mister.

The Theme: Mr. Gauge Miles
Some Background:
Kassie is always in the know on all the craft/home decor trends, as that is her job, but also because she just has a knack for it. She always knows what is about to hit the craft buzz before anyone else, and before it becomes too popular and over done, I always hear about it from her first. She is my authority on what is up and coming. She is always teaching me stuff, and I am very grateful for that.

I remember when Axel was a wee little one maybe even in Utero, she said to me via text: "You should make Axel a shirt with a mustache on it!!"

I remember being like huh? That sounds weird, we're not really mustache folks? (No offense Kass)
But then it was like BAM mustaches everywhere on everything, and yeah I grew to find them adorable, and I can see why she liked them way back then, she had a vision, but it took me a while.

Anyway, I share this story because not only do I look to Kassie for inspiration and help in the craft/design world, but also in the mommy world as well. She has been my "counselor" over the past couple of years, both when I was pregnant with Axel and became a first time mom, and now with this pregnancy. She is the person I complain/chat to about all my ailments of pregnancy, because I know she can totally relate, and she always has really good advice to help me through. I really appreciate having her in my life as a friend and sister.

So when I convinced her to let me do this for her (this took lots of convincing) I used the idea of making it a Mister Theme, (because I remembered how much she loved mustaches) and we could just make it simple with a few center pieces and such. Well she was sold! And I had so much fun making the stuff for her little shindig.

So here are some photos not a whole lot because I am TERRIBLE about taking pictures at events. This is why I should ALWAYS have someone there to do that for me.

These were my main focus. I wanted to make her something she could actually use.
My inspiration: Right after I had Axel a darling friend of mine (who also has a very cute blog if you want to be wowed) made Axel a cute little skinny tie, out of nowhere mind you, she just showed up with it, because she is that kind of girl. THEN because she is so great she put instructions on her blog so others could do the same! So I made a tie for each sucker holder from her pattern, and it really is a simple simple tutorial (I know because then I made Axel 3 more this weekend because we love the one she gave us so so much) I also Google'd boy bow ties and came across this gem of a blog site, for very easy bow ties.
I also made these advice card for each guest, in case they had some really good advice to give her about how to take care of boys. I don't think she got too many of them, but I think they turned out cute and I had fun making them.
The event took place at Bajio's because Kass likes that place. So I didn't have to worry about the food or really doing much.

I have a thing for table settings. Napkin rings are something I HAVE to have when hosting a party. I don't know why, I just always have to have a napkin ring of some sort. But I used the extra fabric from the ties and designed some cute little labels to tie on these brown napkins, which we just threw on the table to make it more festive.
These are the tags I created in Adobe Illustrator then I cut out and put them on creme tags and used Brown ink to antique the edges.
And then of course the mustache suckers, which I saw a while back on a bunch of different blogs, and the mold was a cinch to track down, I made them with extra long sucker sticks so the would fit nicely in the centerpieces. As you can see they were a hit! (Apparently Rainey was the only person worth photographing that night, but wouldn't you agree she makes a smashingly sophisticated MR? ) And what would be a blog post with out a picture of my own mister?
And because we didn't get a picture of us together AT the party, we took one this weekend of us together and our "Baby Bumps". I am 23 weeks and she is 38! We also thought it was funny that she was wearing green (for her boy) and I was wearing pink (for my girl)
Anyway Kass, thanks for letting me spoil you for a second. We wish you the very best of luck this weekend! And CAN NOT wait to meet your little mister!


KaSs MiLeS said...

Wow I look wiped out in that picture. :) thank you for the awesome shower, it was nice to celebrate gauge and get out of the house with the girls! I'm not good at taking party pictures either unless it's story's birthday.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Such a darling idea! Look at you miss crafty! You are so cute Amy. And don't get me started on Axel. He is seriously a beautiful beautiful boy! Wow! Love you!

Jess~ca said...

You throw AWESOME PARTIES! I love it! I'm so happy that blogs exist because it keeps me up to date on your family :) The Flygares miss hangin out with the Andersons! So I was thinking about you yesterday and I want to get you something for your baby girl, but I'm drawing a blank... Is there something that you want particularly or something I can help you get?? If you can't think of anything I'm sure I'll get inspired in the next couple of days :)

Jessie Eyre said...

Your growing belly is so cute! And those mustaches?! Please send one over! Such a darling idea! You are so full of them! Can't wait to hear what YOUR BABY is going to be named!

rain said...

Man...I look freaking hot with a mustache. Maybe I should just grow mine out...
The decorations and company were both the best! You always do an amazingly cute job.

Ashley said...

You did such a good job as always the shower turned out super cute! Ashdon played with his sucker for a good 15 min before he figured out it was chocolate, i was happy cause i got some cute pics of him.