Monday, August 30, 2010

Circus Circus

Before I post any of the party pictures, I NEED to give a shout out to Ashdon and Ashley for coming over to our house to play before their trip to DC. They also brought Axel a gift! I know, so thoughtful :)

We debated on waiting for the party but decided to let him open up then while they were there.

HE LOVED the books. The Elmo one especially, he LOVES brushing his teeth, and always uses the brush to brush his teeth, then Elmo's then the Duck's then Mom's. So smart :)

They got him this cute shirt too.

When this shirt is clean, he wears it. We love it soo much. It makes him look so grown up. This is me attempting to get a picture for his invite (as you can see it didn't work out)
But all the same, cute shots. Also this balloon was the one we got for story after "the incident," but he let it go on our way in the house.

Then later after we dropped off her other gift, we saw it stuck in the tree, I didn't notice it but Axel did. So what did I do? Got a long stick, climbed on our car, and got it down. There were a lot of jumping and maneuvering skills used.

Now before you judge me for all my craziness. Know that the week before his birthday was a pretty bad one for me. So I probably over did it, but we had sooo much fun.

My amazing Friend Jessica Peterson came and photographed the event for us. She seriously saved my life, I wouldn't have taken any pictures had she not been there. And I would have had no documentation of all my hard work. And of course the pictures make everything look so much more fabulous. (including our sick yard... she is that amazing!)

I am just warning you this post is going to be picture heavy...
The party was chaos, but I loved it. What's a circus with out a little crazy?

I created these invites months in advance and I thought they turned out pretty spectacular... (I didn't create the elephant) We had Games Galore

I had to go through it first to show him what to do.
It took some coaxing but he came around :)

Followed by his balloon :)
"Knock em Down"
"Tight Rope Walking"We had oodles of decorations, but I didn't even do all I wanted to, isn't that how it always goes?
Great Food
Sugar, sugar and MORE sugar

I made these great popcorn and cotton candy boxes out of water bottle boxes :)

"The Circus is Coming to Town" stands, made by yours truly, as well as the pops riding them!And of course Cake!

I made this cake, and I thought it turned out cute, it was my first attempt with Fondant, and it was probably cuter than it tasted. But we made the mistake of feeding Axel a huge waffle breakfast and then a huge lunch so he wasn't too into the cake.
And last but not least the "carny folk!"
I love this pictureThis little girl was CAUGHT on camera!

mmm hot dogs
WE had such a great turn out, but I really couldn't have done it with out these two girls. They came over and helped me set up and clean up and just were my wing men! Thanks girls!
I have lots and lots of more photos too, but these are the ones Jessica took (except the last one) I will post those next...


Emily said...

Happy Birthday Axel!!
Amy you are so amazing and creative. I need lessons. I love all the details. A perfect birthday party. And Jess did an amazing job as usual.

Jess~ca said...

That is so amazing!! But when it comes to you, I guess I should never underestimate your skills!! :)

I really wish I could have been there! It looks like tons of fun! Give me a call anytime you feel like chatting :) Miss ya friend!


rain said...

He's such a cutie. I can't believe how blond his hair is getting. And those pictures of Sydney...I think she was framed. I don't believe for a SECOND that she would have destroyed any of your cute decorations. ;)

Amy said...

Emily it wasn't as perfect as the pictures say, I was way late at setting up so guests were arriving and it was pure chaos, but all the same fun.

Jessica! you are alive, I swear you dropped off the face of the earth or moved to Georgia or something. I think about calling you all the time then I realize the time change and am like RATS she is probably in bed.

Syd was totally not framed! She was a menace I tell ya! Just kidding, she was darling and you can the tell the Camera LOVES her. Model material for sure!

Ashley said...

Wow Amy!!! I would say i'm surprised at how wonderful it looks but i didn't expect less you have pure talent. That turned out amazing it was all so super cute and creative you did such a great job!
Wish I could have seen it in person!
I love the cake and those adorable pops! I'm sure you had to spend some serious time on those.
The pictures turned out awesome, way to go Jess!
I'm so happy the shirt looks so cute on him.
Did he get lots of books??

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

I am salivating for those cake pops. These almonds I have are just not cutting it. The party was great. You should throw me a birthday party! I would appreciate the cake more than Axel did ;)

KaSs MiLeS said...

i love those pictures. she's so good and you did an amazing job on his party!

Jules said...

That is the coolest party I have ever seen! Way to go and happy birthday to handsome little Axel! I also loved your post about Grandpa, that was really neat! Jules

Tanner + his girls said...

amy i am blown away and my coco totally got ripped off compared to your adorable axel!! i love it and you should plan parties!! miss yo u and it's so fun to peak on you darlings. also thank yo ufor your sweet comments:)

etta said...

coolest birthday party ever, ellie got jipped! you should go into party planning, seriously! also, I talked to my sister and she totally knows Kory! She was like "Oh Elder Andersen, we love him!" and then she said "does he still have crazy hair?" haha..she also asked about your cute little axel..she was very happy to hear about you guys!

Jessie Eyre said...

Wow, Guys! Quite the party! I'm totally impressed and feel sorry for Garebear that his upcoming party won't be so spectacular.

Gratefully, he won't know the difference, right? But I will.

Maybe I'll hire you to do our party.
Do you take VISA? :)

darcie said...

how will you ever ever top this?

Shauna said...

Amazing party Amazing pictures. How did you group your photos that way on your blog layout?

Amy said...

Shauna I did it in Photoshop then brought them in as one jpeg.

I have also heard their is a program called picasso that I believe is free that works with blogger to do the same.

Karen said...

Amy, you really did throw an amazingly beautiful first birthday party for Axel. I loved the circus motif. Everything was so well-thought-out, and painstakingly very well done. It puts the "parties" I throw to shame, if you can call them that after seeing yours. You really know how to throw a nice shin dig. Happy 1st birthday Axel!