Sunday, August 1, 2010

Bear Lake 2010!

Finally, Here are our pictures of our short, but sweet trip to Bear Lake. Although we did it in half the time we usually do, we felt like it was JUST RIGHT, and we really had a fun time.


Right when we got there, (literally), we met up with the family and went shooting (this was a first for both Axel and I). I know this is weird to many people, but my family just isn't into guns. I am still queasy around them but I am sure will get a little less afraid each time we go.

It was...Fun? I don't know, I am not really a fan of shooting, but Kory had fun, and Axel had fun wearing the ear muffs Grandpa gave him. So over all fun for all

Kory with a really scary looking (in my opinion) gun.
my handsome boy not quite sure what we were doing

Kory, Jerome Vic and Grandpa shooting
Vic and JeromeJust hanging out

Another scary gun
"uh dad, what are we looking at again?"Beach

The next day we spent the morning at the beach

Axel and Story
"Mom! Story wont share her shovels!"
We were all COVERED in sand, but not as much as this little girl...These two boys tuckered out within a few minutes

So I went to work and made good use of my time..We also made a hot tub that got taken over by other people while we were on the boat. They were litereally sitting on our blanket and using our sand toys. AND they stole Axel's soccer ball. (FYI these were adults, NOT children) On the boat
Later that day it was our turn on the boat

Of course we had to put them in life jackets!
I think story had a bit more breathing room, what do you guys think?

Who's ready to go?
Chillin' with the papas

and then with mamas

This picture is great, her hair looks like the wind was still blowing, but its not. we were completely stopped. SO great.
Such a cute picture of these two! Don't you all agree!
So rad! We got to spend some time with Keri, Erik and Taryn too. Erik and Axel had the SAME glasses, because, they both have GREAT style. :)
The gross Fishies/carp: Seriously the sickest looking fish EVEr
And of course there was tubing, not a whole lot of it, but that's ok, we had fun :)

Kory and Jerome

Our little Family

We didn't last very long, the minute the water started hitting his face, he was all panicked...Ok, and I wasn't too thrilled either.
Its a toss up who lasted longer, Axel or me on the tube? Jerome kept trying to tip us, and asking them to go faster, I am such a chicken and was scared out of my mind! What happened to me?

What's bear lake without Raspberry shakes?
That night we went to dinner, and Axel and Story did a GREAT job with saving our table for every one :)

We camped at the KOA, and this was Axel's first experience in a tent, and I am sooo mad we didn't take a single picture of us in the tent. But he thought it was pretty neat.

But see the tent behind Kory in that picture, that's where we stayed.
Toasting marshmellows

Axel wanted in on the toasting action!

We even let him try one :)
At first he wasn't sure...But then was pretty happy with it, and gobbled it down no problem. And was only a Little bit sticky :)

I think Taryn was lonely this year without Riley ...

I really like this picture of Kassie. This kid loves to eat paper, I am not quite sure what to do about it.
"Look mom!" (no help from dad here)


Sarah said...

Those are some great photos - I'm glad you guys could all hang out and have fun. I have no idea when the trip happened - I think we were left out of the loop but Dusty can't really get any time off these days any way! Next year we'll have to go.

Ashley said...

Wow, such cute Pics!! Those were some great shots. I love the one with the babies and daddies on the boat, classic.
So Jealous we weren't there it looked like a blast!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Amy I love him so much! He is absolutely darling!!!!!!!!!!

KaSs MiLeS said...

i love all the pictures! in that close up of jerome and kory shooting they look like brothers to me.
that last picture of axel is pretty scary!
i love the ones of the two kiddies on the beach. they are so cute together.

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

You took more pictures in the short time that you were there than I did. But you didn't beat Jenny, that's for sure. She never put her camera down. And the only picture I would have been in in all of those I am blocked by Taryn. It's like I was never there!

Lindsay said...

It looks like you had so much fun! Bear Lake is wonderful.
how is he getting so big? I feel like you just had him....

rain said...

Amy, I love, Love, LOVE those pictures! The coloring and everything. Is that your underwater camera? Or is it a different one?

Shauna said...

Thanks for posting all those! Looks like you guys had fun!

Kyle said...

Did you happen to get any pictures of me with those guns?

I'm hoping to use one for my new rap album.

(But seriously, I would like a pic or two if you have them)