Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Its all been a blur

Two weeks ago my Grandmother passed away.

Two days later we drove to Idaho and rejoiced the life of my dear sweet grandmother, Laura Grace Pratt Call. What an amazing woman, a woman of love, sacrifice, service, compassion, and happiness.

Two things that stood out to me at the funeral:

1. SHE WAS LOVED. So many sad faces, but also so many happy faces, as people reminisced and told story after story about her life and what she meant to them.

My Great Aunt Letti ( her baby sister) has Alzheimer's Disease, and doesn't remember a thing. Cute little thing, big wide eyes and so friendly, even though she doesn't remember anything, she knew who her sister was. She went on and on about my grandmother. She went up to my grandmothers casket and said "Ohh that's my sister, that's laura, doesn't she look soo pretty, Charlie doesn't Laura look soo pretty?"

At which point my Grandfather turned to her and said "You should have gone first."

uh yeah, nice Grandpa, BUT I know my grandmother would have found that situation HILARIOUS. As she had an amazing sense of humor.

2. SHE WAS WISE. My Uncle told a story that she once shared with him. She Counseled:

If you hand a child of a glass of milk and tell them "Don't Spill the milk" They will focus so much on the negative and in turn only hear Spill the milk, and eventually Spill it.

But instead instruct the child to "HOLD IT STEADY" and they will hold it tight and not spill it.
He said she was a positive person and was always looking for the good in everything and every situation. And instructing her children to do so as well.

My grandmother was a miraculous women. I will miss her everyday, but am glad she is healthy now and can go about her work in the Lord's Kingdom. I know she is watching over our family, and getting my babies in heaven ready to come down here to meet us, by assisting God in "...greeceing their butt's and Sending them down the Rainbow." -Said by Grandpa Call to my mother when asked where babies come from.

Love you Grandma!
Laura Grace Pratt Call
October 29, 1929 - July 15, 2010


KaSs MiLeS said...

that's a cute picture of them kissing.
i like the milk analogy. "steady" is such an old person word. i like it. :)

Ashley said...

What a beautiful post

rain said...

I'm sending you good vibes. Even when you know a loved one is on their way, it's still hard to let them go. I'm sure she's getting to know all your babies--that's how they'll know exactly how to push your buttons and irritate you with things you used to do as a kid. It's the circle of life, and afterlife. ;)

Sarah said...

I'm sorry, I know how it feels - our thoughts are with you!