Saturday, June 12, 2010


Ok folks, as MANY of you already know, sometimes I do things that are a little off, but sometimes these things turn out profitable. Like one year I listened to the radio every morning on my way to school just so I could win prizes. And I did! 12 of them to be exact.

Today is on of those days. I decided to enter my baby in a contest, and even tho there are a million other babies in the contest, stranger things have happened. When I did it, I got this adrenaline rush thinking "what if"! Even if no one goes and looks at my entries, he is still eligible in the cute one, but if I get a bunch of people to go view them, he is also entered into a popular one.

I have my heart set on it a little too much, I keep daydreaming about flying out to New York (a place I have never been) and spending a couple of days there with my family, and watch as people gawk at how adorable my baby is. I don't know it may seem really superficial to some of you that I am wishing for such things, but wouldn't it be so fabulous?!

And then you all would get your Parents magazines and see Axel on the cover in all his cuteness and can say "Hey! I know that kid!" SO, it's a Win Win for all right? Even if you don't know me and you stumble across my blog, I would greatly appreciate all the help we can get! Oh and if you love us that much feel free to spread the word too...

Anyway, I know its a long stretch and I know some of you probably have better things to do, but I am just asking you to go HERE, and take a look, click a "LIKE", and maybe make a comment or two on how adorable our Axel is... pretty please!

Thank you much!


rain said...

Done and done. :) Good luck!

And those pics are way cute, btw.

KaSs MiLeS said...

done! i hope you win. i love that picture of his piano. :)

Shanna said...

What a cute boy! I hope you win. He's got my vote!