Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED this for my swimming lessons! I am putting it out there in the universe in case someone out there decides they want to give it to me...

I am also considering selling my other point and shoot camera (with SD card for $40)

so I can justify buying this one, I only took like 20 pictures last year with it so it really is like new (we bought it refurbished for 50 so it has a small dent on the front) It is just for swimming lessons. It takes really good pictures actually like this....AND we just ordered a BRAND new memory card for it that hasn't even arrived yet. 4mg, which I will throw in for FREE!

Anyone tempted?


Ashley said...

I will ask around and see if anyone is in the market but you should definitely get that waterproof one that would be so sweet!!

KaSs MiLeS said...

that would be fun to play with. jerome and i bought a disposable under water for wolf creek last year and got some neat pictures with it.