Thursday, June 10, 2010

nevermind (to be read in Eeyores voice)

To the post below, I take it back, I still DESPERATELY WANT that camera, but turns out my other camera is not something I would feel right about selling. You see we got that little SD card in the mail yesterday and it doesn't work in our camera, and its not because the SD card is a dud, you see a year ago when I bought it I threw my SD card from my other camera in it and had the same problem, so I assumed it was my SD card. So we ordered this one this year, because last year it just didn't work loading pictures over and over again.

Anyway, sad day for me, but I wont be selling that camera after all, and I probably wont be getting that other camera either. No matter how hard I try to justify that I NEED it, I really don't. Maybe next year!


KaSs MiLeS said...

lame. sorry.

Shanna said...

Reality can be hard to swallow sometimes! That did look like a great camera. I can't believe how big Axel is getting. What a handsome little boy!

rain said...

Sorry about the camera, dude. I hate when I get my mind on something and then someone, or the checkbook balance, rudely changes my mind.
Anyway, I really enjoyed you and the kiddos today. I'm glad you guys got to come by.