Thursday, March 4, 2010

Yum Yum

I have been saying that a lot lately (kory says munch munch munch) because we finally started Axel on solids!

We wanted to wait until his 6 month check up, but ended up starting a week before his 6 month mark due to the chronic poos he was having. (Drs orders :) )

Its been fun, but messy as he wants to hold the spoon the WHOLE time. I can maybe get one bite in before he takes over. (I do two spoons and trade him.)

He loves rice cereal and green beans so far and does not like applesauce?! Weird, we know, we were quite surprised.

The first day each food was introduced, he sort of gagged on them but then leaned in for another bite. The next day even more so. EXCEPT the apple sauce. He just doesn't like it. He cringes and spits it out every time. I am thinking its too zingy for him. So maybe we'll stick to veggies and cereal for now and hit up pears next, after a few more veggies are introduced.

Of course we took pictures!

His first spoonful, you can tell he is VERY intrigued :)
Not sure about it after a few bites of green beans (PS doesn't he look like such a big kid now? )
Before we started Axel on solids, we introduced him to cups (haha not by choice, he just LOVES them and water bottles) Here are some of the pictures from that...(he's about 5 months here)

He started to grab my cup at the dinner table

And papa's water bottle
So we got him his own sippy :) which he just loved. This kept him occupied for a little bit, and bought us a little more time at the dinner table.
We also got a new high chair too, (which I love, and it was a steal!)
We got it because him sitting on my lap just was not working. And the booster seat we got hoping it would work for him, didn't work either.

But one day he was sitting in it playing while I did the dishes and I looked over and he was getting sleepy, so I put a blanket on him gave him his binkie and some soft toys to hold and he was out!
This last one is my favorite, he looks so snugly!
Don't forget to read the other post I posted as well :) I am on a roll :)


Sarah said...

The trick with the spoon is to give them one and then carry on feeding them with another - it should work nicely! :) I love the photos - he is so cute!!!

Jess~ca said...

That scene looks SO familiar! It is so true that they won't let you have the spoon! So I do the same thing and just constantly trade spoons with Shane until all the food is gone! I also distract Shane with the little gerber puffs and he sits there and pinches them up with his fingers, it's pretty funny! So you like having a high chair?

p.s. Shane didn't like the fruit either! I think it is because apples and pears are kind of sweety/sour tasting, and they also have a different texture... but Shane will eat them now, but it took a LOT of tries! I CAN'T BELIEVE OUR BABIES EAT FOOD!!!!!!

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Amy he is so so so so so so darling! Really he is a beautifully baby boy!!!!

KaSs MiLeS said...

he is so cute! he is getting so big. Whenever Story sees a water bottle she chucks her binki and goes after it. She loves them too.

Ashley said...

Super cute pictures your right he is growing up so fast. I miss that little boy! Axel's 2 favorite foods were Ashdon's least favorite. It's so funny how at that age they already know what the do and do not like.
The bottom pictures of Axel look like Story i never thought they really looked alike until now.

darcie said...

those eyes!!!!

Shauna said...

That kid has so much character in his face! He makes me laugh. I love the picture of you giving him a drink!