Thursday, March 4, 2010

bloggers block

I think one of the many many reasons I haven't been able to keep up on blogging, (besides the obvious baby reason) is because I like to do things in order the way they happen.

A few weeks ago Kassie and I got together, and decided to take these awesome pictures of our wee ones for Grandma Anderson's birthday. (We planned it weeks in advance) However the tots had their own agenda.

But despite that we got a couple good shots of them! I have been dying to share but had to wait until after grandma saw it first :)

This is the one good one we got of them together, and the one we gave to Grandma.

(Kassie had to tickle her to get her there long enough for us to snap the photos)
fat little old man


Jerome said...

i love the fat little old man. he's so cute. yeah, story was a pill throughout the whole shoot. when they're older we'll have to try it on a saturday when they have both had food and naps.

Jerome said...

that's me (Kass) by the way, not jerome

Sarah said...

They are such good photos - where do you get clothes like that. He looks like a little old italian guy.

Amy said...

ha ha sarah I actually was going to name that last one just that, but opted to not because well, I thought it might be racist :) ha ha so glad you picked up on it :) PS I found the hat in park city, I made the suspenders, and the pants are his suit pants. Story's grandmother made her that hat and its just a pee coat she had.

Amy said...

Kassie, I sort of figured that out half way through your comment. I agree. We need to take some more photos!

Jess~ca said...

That is so adorable :) I think it's so fun that you took pictures of them together! especially in those awesome outfits! I have outfit envy!

Ashley said...

Good choice on the hat it made for some adorable pictures!

Jessie Eyre said...

My oh my. Maybe the cutest suspenders I've ever seen. I SO SO SO want to meet that kid in person. Sheesh.

Don't let bloggers block get you down. Keep going for those of us who want to see you guys!