Friday, November 20, 2009

Magic show, crafts, and NEW MOON!

First things first...

My sister took me to see a private premier of New Moon on Thursday night. It was a lot of fun. And I liked it much better than Twilight. I wont say anymore than that. However, Movie+Baby at bedtime=not as much fun as I would want it to be.(For those of you who think I took my baby to the midnight showing shame on you for thinking I am THAT parent. I went to a private earlier showing at 7:45 pm:) Axel's Bedtime is 9, but he starts to get cranky at 8:30) Anyway, Lesson learned. My Sister did tell me that he was great and it wasn't THAT bad. But I think when you are the parent and your kid misbehaves or is crying it seems sooooo much worse. Or is it just me?


I went to a FABULOUS craft class taught by Kassie. She taught us how to make stuff with paper clay. Here is what I made,

I am very happy how it turned out, and can't wait to put it in Axel's bedroom! For those in the Family that read my blog and missed it, you really did miss out. I am stoked to take my new skill and make other things as well. Thanks Kassie!


For family night this week we went to a Magic show at the Provo Library. (It was free by the way) It was mainly for little kids but we had a fun time. Especially when a kid about 8 years old came in half way through the show and started complaining that he didn't have a seat. He kept moving from seat to seat saying "Where am I going to sit!?" He finally decided that the seat by me was the best one, but still not good enough, he tried everything from kneeling on the chair to sharing his brothers seat. But after about 10 minutes of that he finally just said "Well I guess I am just going to stand." Then, it was as if a light came on in his head, and he reached forward and tapped the guy in front of us on the shoulder and said "Hey will you move over, I can't see!" So the guy pretty bothered, moved over and he goes "THERE! that's better." I could not stop laughing. I felt bad for his mom, I am sure she was embarrassed, but that was by far more entertaining than the magician, and his not as funny jokes. I am sure the magician was ticked he was stealing his thunder, but for the rest of us, it was quite funny. Lesson number two learned this week, it is always funnier when it is someone ELSE's kid making the ruckus in public.

I WISH I had the gumption to ask someone to move that is in my way. For example, we went to a play last Friday night that our stake put on and the couple in front of me kept sticking their heads together to gawk and stare at there baby so I could not see for the entire first half. I was complaining and letting out annoyed breaths of air the whole time and Kory kept SHHHHing me. Because he has better manors than I do when it comes to stuff like that. (For example he was politely slouching so the kids behind us could see the whole time) See if I had that kid with me I would just be like hey tell them to quit moving their heads! Anyway, lesson #3, there are some things kids can get away with that adults JUST cant.

And if you want to watch a super embarrassing video of me, here ya go. Obviously I am not that embarrassed as I am putting it on my blog.

(Yes, this was part of the "Magic" show, I know right? Some magic?)


KaSs MiLeS said...

your monster turned out so good!! i love it. One of these days we'll go see new moon. i really want to see it, but its so hard to get out with out the little monster. :) I really like the polka dot legs on your monster.

Jess~ca said...

FUN! That craft you did is so cute/cool! You will have to show me how you did it. I really want to see new moon because everyone I talked to said it's much better than the first one! I just have to get out of the house!

Kyle said...

Excellent quacking.

Or... oinking...

Or whatever it was that you were doing so demurely. :)

rain said...

That video was pretty "magical" to me, for sure. I mean, you had a beak and everything, right? And you don't normally.
I can't get videos to load on my blogger anymore. I think my account has been pretty much wacked, lately.
Your little thingy is cute--I liked the different eyes and antennae.
I've heard New Moon is great...I may see that for my b-day, I'm still trying to decide. And speaking of that, isn't yours coming, super soon?