Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy November!

For a year and half or so every time I walked by this book at either desseret book, or stevensons copy, I would pick up flip through it and wish I had an extra 15 dollars to buy it. But I could never justify spending the money. So the other day I went to the library, and thought hmmm maybe they have it? And sure enough they did! I loved loved loved it! It just recharged my batteries for sure, and opened up my eyes a little wider to this great calling of motherhood. I highly suggest you pick it up and give it a shot, especially if you have been down or overwhelmed lately. It is an easy read that only took me a total of 3 hours to finish. But it was worth the time. It totally changed my perspective on how I have been viewing everything lately. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being a mom, but sometimes it is really hard, and she points out all of those hard things and tells you ways to overcome and look at it differently. It was just a really good thing for me to read and I suggest every mother whether you are having babies, your babies are having babies, or you care for someone else's babies, I suggest you pick up a copy today and give it a shot, it will totally make your day.

Anyway, I went on a walk the other day with my cute niece and nephew who I babysit a couple times a week. We went a leaf hunting! I gave both the kids a bag and told them to pick out as many bright and pretty leafs as they could. They had a blast! We talked about colors, shapes and why the leaves turn colors. It was a great activity for preschoolers, and this weather has been so great its a shame to spend it inside.

When I got home I sorted through the leaves, picked my favorites and made this garland to go around my door. I don't think it will last longer than a week, but it still was a fun fall activity to do with young kids. And now my house looks festive! I also clipped a few branches off the trees and made this centerpiece. I think it turned out nicely. (but yeah, it wont last longer than a week, so I will be replenishing it again this week)

I just thought it was a fun way to bring all the beautiful fall colors inside my home. I love looking at it too, and it didn't cost me a dime! Which made my husband happy too. :)

Axel has really started to love taking baths! He especially loves to do back floats! . He gets fussy when you sit him up, and arches his back to get you to put him back in the water. He will be a great back floater for sure! Can't wait until the summer to try it out in the pool!
On Saturday we went and saw "Where the Wild Things are" I wont say anything about it, but we thought it would be fun to dress up, or at least dress up Axel :) It was really early, 9 am! Which is why he is snoozing. I was pretty nervous about bringing him, but he did pretty well. Thanks kass for taking us!
Later that day we cleaned out some bushes in our back yard, it felt good! We cut down the bushes this summer, and because of all the rain they started to grow! Yikes! But we took care of that. Now we just need to rake up all those darn leaves!

We have also started reading to Axel before bed. (Its never too early to start right?) I got a whole bunch of books from the library, and should have done better research. I got some good books, but some were truly disappointing. So I think my trip this week I will do a little more research, and put a little more thought into it and only check out good books. It's a great way for us to wind down for bed. I would love any suggestions on your favorite books to read to your tots, or the books you loved reading as a kid. I have a small list of my own but that wont last long. Thanks, and have a beautiful Happy Fall Day!


Melonius said...

I have read that book too and it's great. I actually saw her at Time Out for Women when we lived in Boston, so the book was basically a recap of her talk. But it is always good to get a pep-talk!
I've got a big ol' list of kids books. Maybe I will email it to you. There are also books about what books to read. One I can think of off the top of my head is called Books to Build On.

rainey said...

I really liked your "leaves" decor. It was nice to see, and I bet they will last longer than you expect.

I would recommend "Love you Forever". I'm not sure who it's by, and some parts are a little creepy if you take them literally. However, I was given that book after I had Cole, and for a mom and her son, you totally relate. I also like the book, "I love you, Stinky Face." A good one for all ages.

Julie Arfmann said...

Congrats on baby Axel! He is so cute! I actually saw a book today that was written by a guy named Axel, and I was thinking that was such a cool name!!! I loved the Mother book too! We missed you last weekend! Take care! Jules

Our EyreLife said...

I've been reading to my boys since they were in the womb!!! Its NEVER too early--and they love it!

Hope you guys are feeling better!

KaSs MiLeS said...

i love the dr suess books, they're bright colors and keep the parent entertained. i really want to go with you to the library sometime.
i really want to read that i am a mother book. i'll have to go get it soon.
your leaves around your door look awesome!!! seriously, really pretty.

Kyle said...

Shel Silverstein.

I loved him as a kid, and now that I actually get the jokes I love him even more.

Shauna said...

I love seeing pics of Axel, cute outfit.