Sunday, November 15, 2009

just some crafts and very special things

This week I have the craft bug, I have so many "projects" I want to do, but it's about finding a few moments to do them. On Tuesday, I made these "Give Thanks Blocks" at Enrichment. I don't really like how they turned out. But it was fun to get out of the house and make something, and visit.

Then on Saturday I made these...From an old Quaker Oat bin, I made this storage bin to hold all my wax smelly stuff (Scentsy) that I had lying around, and if you ask Kory, were cluttering up my shelf, smelling up my drawer, and falling all over the place. It holds about 8 of those small Scentsy containers. I put all my left over summer smells on the bottom (grapefruit, watermelon, fruit basket type smells), and my winter smells (Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Vanilla, Apple Cobbler type smells) on the top for easy access. I am sure someone out there has a much better way of storing these, but this is what works for me.

note: I like the Oat box because it has a nice lid. Some storage containers have graphics on them. The oat boxes don't.

I also decided it was time to redo my pen holder, this time instead of using a jar, I went for the can look. I like this one much better.

Note: Any type of Pineapple can works best for this, they are just the right size.

I have also been working out the details for my Children's Clothing line. (I know I promised this months ago, but there is a lot more to it than one would think) But here is a small preview of it to get you all excited and wanting to order some for your little tots for Christmas. More details to come soon. Plus by being my friend I will be having some awesome chances at winning some of these cute outfits. But that is a blog for another time! This is the one I made for Axel back when he was nothing but a fetus, he fits in it now, and looks super cute in it. (and of course the first day he wore it, he had to christen it with a diaper blowout before I had a chance to snap any photos :( ) This week Axel was given an awesome gift! He was given his Anderson Christmas Stocking that his Grandma made him! Its really cute and as you can tell, he is so excited for christmas! Thanks Grandma Maida! I know the skeleton shirt in this picture just doesn't go, but hey look at that smile!

Lastly we have all been doing a whole lot of this lately to try to keep ourselves from getting any sicker. Boo to cold and flu season! Summer please come quickly!


KaSs MiLeS said...

that is a very cute smile. i have had the craft bug lately too! i'll have to show you what i've done. i think fall is just the craft bug season, because you're stuck inside!

Jess~ca said...

I love the black and green skull onesie!! So cute!

I want to get the craft bug but I just have felt so crummy, all I do is lay on the couch and try to entertain Shane as best I can!

OH, lately I have just been really annoyed with the baby carriers that I have (the baby bjorn and the other black sling type thing) so I ordered this sling from HugaMonkey and I LOVE it! You should check them out and they are so reasonably priced-- no buckles, no rings, no hassle and really easy to use :)

I hope that you are feeling better and I am not totally going to make a pen holder out of a can today... Hopefully it will turn out ALmost as cute as yours~

rain said...

Those onesies are way cute. And I really like your scentscy holders. Axel's stocking turned out great! And I love that smile he's got.

Diana said...

Wow...he's going to be all grown up by the time I get to see him!

Keri said...

That picture of Kory and Axel almost made me cry!

Kat Clark said...

Cute and crafty!

Sarah said...

Cool stuff, you're so creative :)