Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We had a week long Halloween it felt like it all started with...

The Annual Anderson Halloween Party last Saturday. This is really the only time we dress up. As you can see we didn't go all out this year. We still had fun tho. Kory was Edward Scissor Hands, I was a Leopard and Axel was a Giraffe.
Baby Cousins!
These kids were all born within a year or so of each other. Krew (Skeleton) is the oldest, then Story (chicken), then Sydney (Purple Monster), then Ashdon (Turtle) and then Axel (Giraffe). It will be so much fun when they all get a little older and start playing together! Right now they just sort of poke and pull at each other.
For More pictures of the event click here

Then on Thursday Axel and I went with my mom and sisters to the Halloween Train! It was fun, cold, but still fun.
My Mom, Aislynn and Nicolas

Hilary, Maddy and Jacob
Liesel and HinkleyMe and Axel

Then on Friday it was Halloween Work Party day! We first visited my mom at her work and ate some yummy soup. Then we were on to Kassie's work to walk around with Kassie and Story in our Halloween Costumes.
Sorry no pictures at Kassie's work.

Then on Halloween we went up to Park City with My mom and sisters to go Trick or Treating down Main street in downtown. It was sooo crowded, there were people and dogs everywhere! But it was so fun to see all the great costumes. My favorite was a lady dressed up as the Octomom! She wore a sling and had 8 tiny baby dolls in it and had these humongous fake lips! It was great! I wish I would have taken more pictures but I only took two!

They closed off the street, but you can see how crowded it was.

Maddy ( The Little Mermaid) Nicolas (Vampire) and Aislynn (Princess)

Lastly, on Halloween night we stayed home and waited for trick or treaters. We only got a few. I bought a crap load of candy because last year we ran out. So I ended up telling kids to take handfuls when they came to our door. Next year I will just buy big candy bars for the few and faithful trick or treators that come by our house. :)
For dinner we made these great and Yummy Mummy dogs! They were tasty and fun to eat!

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Sarah said...

That was a very packed Halloween. I love those mummy dogs - awesome idea! You could have had some of our trick or treaters - we ran out of candy and had to give out Easter candy!!

KaSs MiLeS said...

that video was hilarious!!! Axel was my favorite, that big smile is so cute.
i felt like our halloween lasted FOREVER!! i was ready for it to be thanksgiving last week.

Kat Clark said...

Those mummy dogs look delicious! I love your baby giraffe. So sweet.

Jess~ca said...

That monster mash thing was Hilarious!! HA! Too funny!

Halloween was pretty fun, I walked around my sister Bethany's neighborhood with shane in his Froggy outfit, and got a lot of candy... FOR SKYLER.... :) I told one lady that I felt a little bad trick or treating with a little baby, but she told me she went trick or treating with her first baby when he was 5 days old! So it's all good!

Our EyreLife said...

Oh gosh, Axel is delicious!

Lets plan on next Monday at 6:30? I'll email you directions as of how to get here soon......

Can't wait!

Shauna said...

I can't get over how cute Axel is. What made you decide to go to Park City? That sounds cool! I love main street.

Jon and Diana Browning said...

That looks like so much fun! I wanted to make those hot dog things bc they looked so cute, but hot dogs gross me out and give me a migraine, so i didn't. I'm so excited to see you for thanskgiving week!