Monday, March 16, 2009


No I am not talking about chocolate, or even ice cream, but Maternity Pants.

Today I broke down and bought myself a pair of maternity pants. I have been meaning to go pick up a pair, I just really hate buying new pants, and I just couldn't get myself to go get any because it is always such process, they are either too long or waaay too long. But this time I was looking for one thing, and one thing only COMFORT.

We stopped at "Motherhood" the maternity shops of all maternity shops. We started to search through jeans, and I started to get worried, because I was just not seeing anything that I liked. The sales lady kept suggesting these really ugly pants to me, and I didn't know why, and it sort of made me angry. But then I found them, and they had everything I could want in a jean. (except of course the button and zipper) and they were the only one left of its size and color. When I slid those babies on, I knew they were meant to be. I seriously almost started crying, in fact after putting them on, the thought of putting my old jeans on made me cringe. And I started to panic about having to wait to wear them. I cried to my dear more experienced pregnant friend "I don't want to put those back on!" And the sales lady chimed in that I could just take off the tags and wear them home. I wonder if that is an everyday occurrence at Motherhood, or I am just a nut. Either way, I tore those tags off, no hesitation whatsoever.

They are the BEST pants ever, not even my pajama pants are this comfortable!! Before these pants I would get home from work and put my pj's on because I was just done with being uncomfortable for the day. But NO MORE! tonight I wore my pants all the way until bedtime! Who knew I could find a pair of Jeans that I would love so much, I don't know if I will ever go back.


Jessica Sorensen said...

I am with you on the maternity pants I loved them. I even wore them for a little bit after the baby came when I was traveling. It is like wearing sweat pants but no one knows because they look like regular pants.

Rachel Mae said...

Ha ha! I totally know what you mean. When I tried on my first pair (and wore them the rest of the day even though I wasn't very far along), I started wondering why they don't make ALL pants with elastic waists?

Jill said...

What? No pictures? Come on!

(Congrats on your exciting news.)

KaSs MiLeS said...

AMEN!!!! i would wear mine until i absolutely had to go to bed and put pajama pants on. theya re the best things ever!! i told you motherhood rules.
we do need some pictures though. congrats on your new found bliss.

rain said...

WTF? I hated my maternity jeans! And I purchased mine at Motherhood as well. I got some from that weren't too bad, but I would never have traded them out for pajama pants or sweats. must be because I get so completely fat that NOTHING feels good.
But, good for you guys. I guess it's not mandatory that EVERYONE be as uncomfortable as I am while pregnant. ;)

LeeRae said...

I still wear mine sometimes and Kaden is two... hahaha

Amy said...

Jessica-TOTALLY see myself wearing them forever.

Rachel: They should make pants this way! People may stop procreating tho, I think men find them very unattractive.

Jill:The pictures will come, don't worry, I just need a photographer first...

Kass: You were right for sure, I wish I would have bought them weeks ago.

Rainy: I really think you bought the wrong brand, because the ones I have have a thinner material than the ones my sisters wore from motherhood and I remember thinking to myself that those can not be as comfortable as just wearing pj's. The jeans are stretchy as well, so it is quite nice. But to each his own my friend.

Chelsea: That is awesome! I mean really why not wear them? You are awesome! I am glad when my baby is two years old and I am still wearing maternity pants, that I am not alone. :)

Jess~ca said...

I'm wearing a pair right now!! :)

They really are the best, and you don't even realize how much bad pressure regular pants are putting on your tummy allll day until you pull on a pair of those maternity jeans!!


Shauna said...

Too funny! And great title! I think it's great that you're buying maternity clothes on the first one.