Thursday, March 12, 2009

Whats up doc?

So we had our 2nd Doctors appointment today, and I thought for sure that when I stepped on that scale they would say, HOLY COW you have gained 10 lbs already! A new record for pregnant ladies! Because seriously that is how I feel. But nope, all I have gained is a freaking pound! I know my baby is only like 3 inches, but seriously? One pound? How can that even be? I mean I am TOTALLY ok with it only being one pound, I mean really? I am sure I will have a bunch of people read this and be like what a baby, but in my defense I was just certain it would be more than that. For those that can remember, how much did you gain by 12 weeks?

We went in to hear the heart beat, and even though I heard the heart beat a few weeks ago, I was still really nervous. AND I was totally prepared to show my doctor where we had heard it before in the incident he couldn't find it, Paranoid much?
Maybe so, but I have heard of all these stories of people telling me that their doctor searched and searched and pushed and moved the doppler around and around and took forever to finally find it. So, to spare myself the anxiety and stress, I was totally ready to show him where my baby is taking up residence in my womb.

Anyway, I think I was a little too nervous becuase when my doc came in to share the good news that, "Yes! today would be the first day you will hear your baby's heart beat!" I quickly reassured him that we had infact heard it a few weeks ago.

I kinda stole his thunder I think (Kory reaffirmed this to me when we left his office) and I felt bad, but then realized this is not about my doctor, it is about me.

Back to the heartbeat. Anyway he had me lay down on the table, and squeezed some of that gooey gel stuff on my tummy, and said "Your baby's heart beat should be right about here."

And sure enough we heard right away very clear quick beats! So props to our doctor for getting it spot on! And YAY to our little worm for being so cooperative. Our doctor then said "deffinatly a boy!" (which is totally what we think we are having, we would be happy with either, but we have a feeling this little bundle is boy) So my next question is what did your doc tell you, your baby would be, and did it end up being that?

He also reassured me that once you hear that little heartbeat at this stage your baby has a pretty good chance of survival, which I have read and heard a million times before, but hearing it from your doctor for some reason is just that much more reassuring.


Kelli and/or Kyle said...

I had gained 10 by 12 weeks. But i lost it three times as fast as I gained it.

{lindy baker cakes} said...

Amy...I didn't even know you were pregnant! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you! To answer your questions, my doctor didn't give us a guess on what we're having, but I feel like it's always opposite of what you think. Also by 12 weeks I don't think I had gained anything. But now at 26 weeks...that's a different story. I'm a chunker! Anyway, so happy for you!

KaSs MiLeS said...

i looked it up in my pregnancy journal and by 12 weeks i had lost 6 pounds from throwing up! and my dr said it was a girl and now i can hear HER screaming right this second. yay.

Melonius said...

Both of mine were supposed to be boys, but obviously we have one of each. When they called us and said "It's a girl" I asked if he was joking and he said, "No, but that's a good one I should remember that." Her ultrasound was done pretty early on and so it was a little less precise. The later you have the ultrasound the more accurate it will be. So you might want to verify that in a few months...Needless to say, we made a quick trip to Walmart to swap out some blue for some pink on the way to pick her up. And luckily we had the baby shower after she was born!

Rachel Mae said...

Yeah, I don't think I'd gained much weight by 12 weeks either, so I wouldn't be worried. I went to midwives, not a doctor, but they didn't guess anything. From everything I've read, the heartbeat thing is not an indicator of gender--in other words, your doc has a 50% change of being right :). As for feeling what the gender is yourself, I tried to keep a pretty open mind so that it would be easier to accept whatever the baby turned out to be, but I do have to say tha there is a guy in my office who has so far guessed genders correctly of 8 babies he knows in a row! He should go to Vegas.

Rachel Mae said...

Sorry, "50% chance," not "change"

rain said...

K. I had gained 4lbs. But in a way, that WAS disappointing cause I felt like I had gained about 15. Also, I always think I'm showing like by month two...and everyone else disagrees. Maybe it's just mental.

And the Doctor told me that Riley was a boy, Cole was a girl, and that Syd was a boy. So, I agree with the comment that it's always opposite of what the doctor says it will be. Also, Jeff and I were SURE that Riley was a boy, as well. So, I guess as long as you get one or the other, you'll be doing great! Yay!

Baileys said...

I usually lose wait by 12 weeks from being sick. Enjoy it while you can, because the plumpness will come faster than you'd wish.
My doctor never guessed what the babies would be. I definitely don't have instinct cuz I was wrong both times.

rec and etta said...

its so reassuring when you hear the baby's heart beat at every visit! i always get so anxious before an ultrasound or before we hear the heart beat, but then there it is:). my dr. didnt tell me what he thought it would be, thats cool that your dr. can tell already! also- at 12 weeks i had already gained 10 lbs, my dr.looked at my chart and said "well, doesnt look like your havin any trouble gaining weight" i cried on the way home (haha..pregnancy is so emotional) you will be a little mom with a basket ball:)

Jess~ca said...

We should go see our babies again sometime soon!! I'm so excited about everything :) I think that you shouldn't worry about how much weight you are gaining.. just eat when you are hungry and I think you will gain what you need to gain. I have gained 10 pounds I think?

I have 107 days to go! AND I can't wait till you start showing!!

LeeRae said...

That is so exciting!
I am sooooo happy for you two~~~
keep us posted!