Wednesday, March 4, 2009

What to expect when you are expecting...





Hatred towards all foods and meals?

check check check

Gagging yourself on your own saliva daily?


The occasional dry heave from brushing your teeth?



uh check

Strange cravings like hating sweets and loving salty foods?

def check

Emotional/moody 24/7?


Peeing 3 times a night?

check check and check

Having to unbutton your pants when you sit down?


Needing to eat every hour on the hour?


Seeing your baby kick its tiny little legs and wiggle its little arms?

Seeing and Hearing the tiny flutter of its heart beating!?
Letting your friends and family in on the good news?


Kat Clark said...

Congrats! So exciting.

The De Souzas said...

HOORAY! Congratulations!

rain said...

YEAH!! I'm way happy for you guys. Double bonus on the ultra sound and seeing all the moving parts. is the time to INDULGE in the sweet and salty foods. Did you know that in Latin culture they say that if you DON'T eat what you're craving when you're craving it, your baby will end up looking like that food item? I mean, do you want a baby that looks like a tub of ice cream? No, you don't. I'm not making this up, my friend Liz, 50% Mexican, told me. And she ate a LOT of home-made tamales and cakes. Her baby is WAY cute. And you know that Kass and I both indulged our cravings, and both of us had adorable I'm thinking it works. Just letting you know.

LeeRae said...

Congratulations you two!!!!
That is sooooo exciting~~~~
I hope everyone is doing well~ :)

Angie said...

Best. News. Congrats guys.

Melonius said...

I bet the stinky workplace helps with that. . .

KaSs MiLeS said...

i'm telling you, get maternity pants now. they are the best things ever! motherhood ones are stretchiest and wonderful.

Emily said...

Congratulations you two!! Super duper exciting! Have you tried unasom for the morning sickness. Take one at night... But I'm sure you've already heard of this.

Rachel Mae said...

Hooray! I'm so happy for you guys.

I second the maternity pants comment. I only bought two "real" maternity pants, but the first ones I got where when I was about as far along as you were (I'm guessing) and they were soooo nice.

rec and etta said...

yeahhhhh! i am so excited for you! i totally understand on all those really fun side affects of being pregnant..what we do to be mothers, right?! i'm sure its so worth it..guess we'll find out soon enough:)when's your due date?

saraH said...

OH MY GOSH what??? I'm SOOO happy for you and Kory!!! congrats congrats congrats! I wish u were near me so I could scream and hug you tight...tight as I can without my belly popping of course. :D no baby yet...argh

Jess, Dust, and Wyatt said...

I've been hoping to see this post for a while now...and lame as it sounds, I have tears streaming down my face in total joy for you. Congratulations!!!

You're in my prayers!

darcie said...

yeah! that's awesome. and isn't the saliva thing sooo bizarre?

Amy said...

Kat and Leslie: Thank you we are soo excited!

Rainy: I totally believe that theory, and do not feel guilty in the slightest for the insane amount of sodium I have ingested over the past 11 weeks. However it is starting to taper down a bit, and I have started to appreciate some sweets again. :)

Chels: Thank you we are so excited and it is going really well thus far I have my 2nd dr apointment on thursday!

Angie: Thanks! We sure think so!

Melanie: TOTALLY BLOWS! I drive into our parking lot and have to shut off all my vents so I don't throw up in my car each morning! It is the pits for sure!

Kass and Rachel: It is on my list of things to do this week :) The other night I had my pants COMPLETELY undone flaps open for comfort as I cleaned around my house, and Kory was like "Really?" haha he agrees that it is time for new pants. :)

Emily: Thank you, a couple people have suggested it actually, but I think I am doing okey for the most part now, it would have been nice during weeks 6-9 but for the most part I just dry heave, not a whole lot of puking. I also found if I eat small meals all day long and keep my tummy full I don't get as sick.

Etta: Yeah I have been dying to tell you on your blog, but have been holding my tongue. I am 11 weeks and 2 days. :) my baby is due September 29, the day after Kory's Birthday! I heard you are having a girl?! That is so exciting! Tell Rec congrats for me!

Sarah: I will totally come over and squeeze you until your baby comes out! Seriously what is with you and Ashley's babies? I check your blog each day to see if you have had it yet, because I know you will totally blog about it right away :) Keep us posted!

Jesse: You are so sweet, we are really excited, and things are going really well. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, you are a great friend!

Darcie: I know it! Seriously the most annoying thing to me EVER.

Annie said...

Yay, yay, Yay!
Amy and Kory I couldn't be more happy for you..seriously, what an amazing time in your lives...soak it all up, because all those crazy body things you are experiencing will soon be gone and while you are holding that little one of yours you will be thinking about when you should get pregnant again...I can't WAIT to hear what you are post as soon as you know. Love you guys to pieces! I have goosebumps!

Amy said...

Annie: Thank you so much! We are so excited, and we will for sure post right away once we know if it is a boy or girl...It will be a while...Hope you are holding up well, and enjoying motherhood, I know you are probably an AWESOME mom! How is your little pup doing with it all?

Julie Arfmann said...

Yeah! I am so excited for you! Hopefully all of the yucky stuff goes away! You are so funny! You are going to be a really great mom!

Shauna said...

What about falling asleep at 7 or 8pm? I remember just crashing right after dinner not being able to keep my eyes open. Those sweet cravings come back with a vengence in the last trimester. Ultra sounds are so fun, feeling the baby wiggle is even more fun.

Wendy said...

I'm so happy for the two of you! Yeah for babies!! I hope that your pregnancy goes smoothly!

Amy said...

Jules: Thanks! We are so excited, I hope I am a good mom, we have some really great examples in our family so I am hoping that is hereditary. :)

Amy said...

Shauna: Yeah I do get tired all the time. I pretty much have given in to the fact that I feel like I got 5 hours of sleep when I really got 9.

Wendy: Thanks! We are super duper excited and seriously can't wait. It has all gone well thus far. Only 6 more months to go!

Amy said...
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