Sunday, December 28, 2008

Update: Christmas and other stuff

We had a good christmas, we didn't take any pictures that day, not a single one! I just didn't think about it really. I was just enjoying the holiday with all our family. But it was a good day, busy but good...

We got up around 9am and opened presents on christmas morning. After presents we had a yummy breakfast, and then headed over to Kory's parents house. We were the first ones there, we visited with them for a while, and then left to go to my parents house for christmas with them.
This year was special because my mom made everyone in our family something homemade for christmas.
All of the grand daughters got Care bears ( inspired by kory's sister kelli) and younger grandsons got dinosoars (which they thought were the COOLEST thing ever). And then she made each of her kids a Sudoku quilt! And if you know my mom, that just fits her perfectly, because she loves Sudoku.
The older grandsons got blankets that you can use as a blanket or pillow. They were cute, she did a good job on them and despite ALL the boys growth spurts and facial hair this year, they still thought they were cool.

She did such a good job on all the gifts! I wish I would have taken pictures...oh well!

What we are up to now:
Kory and I both worked really hard on our basement yesterday cleaning up all the concrete demolition from when Kory and his dad moved our drain a month ago. It took our entire Saturday, but we got it all cleaned up and organized, now we can start ripping out the other half of our basement. YEAH! Just in time for 2009. Any volunteers?

We are also Dog sitting for our friends the Flygares while they are in Louisiana. Their dog is so much different then our little tiny pup. He seems ginormous to me, and our little Zoe just about has a heart attack if he comes up to her to try to smell her. I don't blame her though, he could fit her whole body in his mouth. But they are both getting used to each other, and learning from each other. It has been fun to have this goofy, slobbery, frizby throwing pup around this week. We have been puppy sitting for 6 days now, and have 2 more days to go. He sure does miss Jess and Sky though, as do we.

On that note, I have the flu today. I got it last night right before we went to bed. I was up all night by the toilet until about 5 am. I am feeling a little better today, but I have the flu leg cramps, and I am feeling super dehydrated, and could really go for some apple juice, but we don't have any, and Kory is at church.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of us closing on our house! We have made so many good friends in this neighborhood, and have really enjoyed living here. It has been a lot of work, and we still have a lot of our stuff in boxes, but we really do love our little green house. We are hoping that next year we will be able to finish the basement, and the yard, by the summer... here's to 2009!

Sorry this post was just a bunch of writing and no pictures, and all over the place really, but it's my blog and I can do whatever I want.


KaSs MiLeS said...

sorry you have the flu, that's yucky. for some reason i thought that you had your house before christmas last year.

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

I'm sorry you have the flu. I feel so sick today and it's not even half as bad as what Kory told us about yours. I've just been nausious (spelling?) but only spewing out the other end. Get better. The flu sucks.

Kyle said...

I dibs smashing stuff with hammers!

Tell me when. Honestly. Just tell me when to start swinging.

rain said...

You totally CAN do whatever you want. My family is sick, too...Ugh. Not fun. Sorry. Also, I have an apology to you on my blog...I found your gift that we gave you under OUR tree, so you'll be getting it late. Sorry. I explain why on my blog. I guess that's my way of ensuring you'll read it. ;)