Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The polar express

One of my many many brother in-laws and all of his children do this awesome polar express train ride at their houses each year. It is really fun and they do an awesome job with making sure that the true meaning of Christmas is emphasized. This year I took my family with me on the ride because Kory had to go on a business trip, and many of the Anderson family members didn't go. (for a variety of different reasons) So we thought it would be a good year to let my nieces and nephews come to it with us. We ended up sharing a train with Kory's parents and his sister Shauna and her kids, and I was so glad because we had so many kids on the train, which made it that much more enjoyable and all the kids had the TIME of their lives! So thanks Mike and all his family for really going all out each Christmas and sacrificing so much of your time and resources to spread Christmas cheer to those around you. We sure are lucky to have you in our family!

Waiting to ride the train

Loading the train
the lightsHinkley and SantaMaddyAislynnNicolas (he was a good sport, but what he really wanted was to join lynus who was standing on a bench watching the toy train set go around and around)
MaggieLynus (couldn't keep his eyes off the train even for a minute)Jacob (he wanted the train)
Andy Bob and maida (I was so sad it turned out blurry)


Kelli and/or Kyle said...

I'm sad that my parents didn't sit on Santa's lap. Oh course that would have made the blurriness that much more tragic..

KaSs MiLeS said...

that is so fun! i'm glad you took your family. we didn't want to freeze out story.

rain said...

I'm glad you went and brought your family! I wanted to go, but it was just too cold. They always do such a great job. Hopefully next year.

darcie said...

look how cute your mom is!