Friday, December 5, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree...Oh Christmas Tree!

So, its been awhile yes? We have been busy and have probably had one of the hardest weeks of our lives the last couple of weeks, but I am not going to post about that, because this week we are moving on and getting on with our lives.

We usually put up our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving, but because of some events surrounding that holiday, we weren't able to. Instead, I dragged it out of the construction debris in our basement, on Tuesday, then Kory and I put it together that night, (Seriously it only took us 10 minutes) Then finally on Thursday I was able to put most if not all the decorations up on it. (I still have to put up our ornament that represents this year, but I have to make it first :)

In our last apartment I felt like I had LOTS of decorations, but now that we are in our house and the decorations are spread out throughout the house instead of in just the one room we had before, it seems like very little Christmas Cheer at all. But I am not really feeling up to, nor do I want to spend the money on it this year either. Not that i am being bah humbug or anything about it I just didn't realize it, and now Christmas is right around the corner! So we will be more festive next year. I just feel like being simple this year. :)

Anyway here is a picture of our BIG Christmas tree. On a side note, we picked this baby up at home depot in January of this year and scored it for 25 bucks! It was their last display model, and so it didn't have a box, and it did take me a while to figure out how to take it down, but other that that, it was TOTALLY worth it.

Last years Tree, we put it on a end table to make it bigger :)

This years tree

If you are wondering about the big clock in the background, that was CUSTOM made for Kory by Jerome Miles, He did a really good job and it is very awesome.


{lindy baker cakes} said...

I'm sorry about your rough little while. I hope things have gotten better. Love your tree!

rain said...

I'm sending only positive vibes your way....I'm thinking that 2009 will be your guy's year for only fabulousness. And speaking of that, your tree is great. Though you call it simple, I think it's great.

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

If you want to see simple come to my house. I can count the ornaments on my fingers. What a score with that tree! That's crazy cheap. We're still living it up with what we can get free, but yours looks awesome.

Shauna said...

Your tree is beautiful. Your house is beautiful. You guys have done a lot this year.