Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Nicknames and the likes

So this weekend we signed up to do the ward weekly walk and talk at our house. (by we I mean I signed up) Basically what this is, is everyone in the neighborhood goes on a walk at about 6 pm on Sunday and then gathers at one persons home for refreshments and mingling. (I know it, only in Utah)

All I can say is, of course it rained and of course it dropped like 40 degrees from the day before. But despite all of that, we still had a pretty good turn out. We even met one of our neighbor hood boys who rides his bike down our driveway just about everyday.

After the party was over, a few people stayed around to hang out with us, and our neighbor boy and his crew came back by to visit us.

This kid was great, I don't even know if I can describe him to you all, one day I will get a picture of him. I should of that night, I don't know what I was thinking. I am sure he will be back.

He goes by "RipOff Heraldo" Ripoff for short, and his side kick is "Cheap skate" or "Shady deal" He also gave us and our good friends the Flygares, and PJ some nicknames:

From now on Kory will go by "TORTURE MASTER"
I will go by "Cinnamon Stix"
Jess "Killer Master 16000...." then changed to "Killer master 1"
Skyler "Nerd boy"
PJ (he really struggled on her name) First he said "DJ" then "Pajamas" and then he gave up, because we teased him for not being very creative with her name. So we named her, and since we pretty much had the masters covered we decided on "Snap"

So it was a pretty fun night.


Kory said...

Also, this kid named himself ripoff that night because he bought a bag of popsicles for a dollar and was trying to sell them to us for a dollar. We gave him a hard time so he named himself ripoff. He's a latino version of the red head on the sand lot.

Keri said...

I love the name cinnamon stix, it's perfect for you.
BTW, I love my jeans right out of the dryer.

Jess~ca said...

Oh man, that makes me laugh so much just thinking about it! ha ha... you know he'll be back around, just sit on your porch and I'm sure he'll come right over :)

a.k.a. Jess

rain said...

I will NEVER remember any of those names. Sorry, Amy. You'll always be Amy to me. And ask Leisha, it's a miracle I've come as far as remembering your name, period. I'm a bit handicapped in that area.

KaSs said...

You're brave, i would never sign up for something like that. Too many new people at once might give me a melt down...

Sky said...

I always get hosed on the nicknames. It was the glasses, I KNOW IT!!!

Keri said...

I'm getting tired of looking at that picture of you and Kory kissing. He is my brother and it's kind of weird. Could you move it down your blog so I don't see it every time I check your page?

darcie said...

it's all i can hope that kjell will grow up to make sick nick names. i pray every night....