Monday, September 8, 2008


We went to lagoon this weekend with Kory's work and HAD A BLAST! It was so fun, we go every year with his work, this year was a little more fun because Kelli and Kyle came a long, and we also hung out with another employee and his wife. The lines were shorter for the most part, well until the afternoon, but we got to practically walk on to Wicked. I am always so entertained by lagoon. I love watching people and I strongly believe Lagoon brings out the best in people. I am always AMAZED with all he high class folks that visit Lagoon. GOOD TIMES!

How did this ever make it to print! This was probably the funniest thing we saw that day.
This isn't us on Wicked, but it was taken while we were looking for Kyle's phone that fell out of Kelli's pocket at about this point on the ride. We did find the front, but he is still missing his battery. Apparently it's common place to drop stuff. They even have a set time for when they go and search under the roller coaster for your lost items.

While we were searching for Kyle's battery in the parking lot, I made out like a bandit! I am now $1.37 richer! Kelli and I played "Wac-a-mole" and I WON this care bear. I decided to give it to Maggie.

I just like this lady. She is combination between the bride of Frankenstein, the wife from the Munsters and Rapunzel.
Me and Kory

Kelli and Kyle

Josh and Noel.


Keri said...

That picture is hilarious!!!!!
I haven't been to Lagoon in forever.

Kyle said...

That sign still makes me guffaw.

Three quick thoughts:
1. The coins in your hand look legitimately like pirate booty. They glimmer gold in that picture.

2. The Terroride was pretty terrifying. The repugnant repunzel just primes you for the unspeakable horror within.

3. That picture of me is stunning. Like a Gold medal winner at the Special Olympics. Proud and free.

Kyle said...

But yeah... that ride wasn't NEARLY as exciting as the sign made it out to be.

KaSs said...

Kory you need to smiles in pictures. Your funeral pictures are going to make you look like you lead a miserable life! Just like all the pictures we have of mom she's covering her face! Cheer up and smile for pictures with your wife.

Kory said...

That way they'll be happy I'm dead and won't think I'm missing out on anything.

rain said...

I'm jealous of Maggie's Carebear. And being pregnant, I would have stayed far away from the ride with that sign. Only bad things will happen there.

Wendy said...

I love Lagoon! I'm jealous you get to go! I'm glad you had fun though!

Kelli and/or Kyle said...

First off, Wendy commented!? That's fairly amazing. And secondly, for everyone's info, I was making fun of Kory for not smiling in his picture when Amy took that picture of me. I didn't realize it was for her blog.

Amy said...

It is a different Wendy, I am sorry my camera sucks and it was so tiny that I didn't realize, I would have taken another one.

Jon and Diana said...

amy, I miss you sooo much! I am jealous of your lagoon fun.

John said...

Your post brought back so many memories. Gotta love good ol' Lagoon! Sounds like they have a new ride? Loved the picture of the haunted house lady. She was always kind of creepy weird. I recall one of my saddest days as a child was when they got rid of the fun house. That place was incredible.