Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Labor day

To avoid being redundant, you can read all about our labor day BBQ on Shauna's and Rainy's blog. But I did want to post some of the pictures I took for everyone. As well as the very awesome video of Andy's dance performance. Being a dancer I take pride in the ability to be able to dance in front of people, however that is after months and months of practice and choreography, and I admire Andy for having no fear, and just doing what he feels like doing.


Kory. Kyle. Nick

Brit. Tiff. Jess. Austin



Keri said...

Your pictures seem to be the best of everyones, what kind of camera do you have?
Wouldn't we all be so healthy if we could just dance from our hearts?

rain said...

I agree that your pictures are fabulous. It also makes me sad that I was sitting right behind those big sun umbrellas. I missed a lot.

Shauna said...

I'm glad you got Andy on there. I couldn't upload anymore. And yours is a better clip anyway. Your sound is better too! What kind of camera do you have? Andy had a great time. That's all he talks about now, is how he wants to be in a band. Maggie too. Hey Kory you up for lessons again?

Amy said...

It is a Kodak Easy share, I believe it is 10 megapixels, but I could be mistaken, I like it a lot, at first it took some getting used to but I now I like it

Kyle said...

I always feel more confident actually singing the songs then I do watching myself sing the songs.

Fortunately Andy picked up my slack.