Thursday, June 19, 2008


I need to apologize for my lack of posts this week. I have been super busy with work, swimming lessons, babysitting, and getting ready for enrichment, not to mention grocery shopping, and other household chores. Kory is back from Tennessee and had a really good time. He will post his own post here shortly about all that he did. While he was gone I managed to sand paint and prime the bathroom and clean up all the paint and dust mess. I also spent the weekend with my family going on a 9 mile bike ride, swimming, playing American Idol Karaoke revolution, and the list goes on, but those were my favorites. But I am glad Kory is home, I always miss him so much when he is gone.


My neighbor Charity and I are starting a dance group for all those who want to get started dancing again or new dancers. We will be meeting once a week. Also, we will be taking turns among all the dancers teaching and choreographing (only those who want to). We thought this would add variety to the group. We also have some new dancers interested in coming as well, so ANYONE is welcome. We are hoping it will be a very positive experience and just a good time! Spread the word!

The cost will depend on how many people are interested, as we are renting a studio for an hour or two. But it is looking VERY affordable.

If you are interested let me know!


rain said...

I am totally interested. However, that's me talking, today. At this point, I have no ideas on what I will be thinking tomorrow, or the next day...I swear, I've turned into the laziest, most tired woman in the world, and making commitments is a slippery slope at this point. Let me know what's going on, and what you decide, and hopefully I can get my crap together.

rain said...

Also, I am totally confident in your work, so I know that whatever you decide will be fabulous.

Amy said...

oh good, we have a lot of people interested so it should be a really fun time! I will let you know the details shortly. I am hoping to start if not this week next.