Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Bathroom progress

In case you are wondering where we are at in our bathroom remodel. We just finished the 3nd coat of mud, now we just need to sand, texture, prime and PAINT! then we can hook up our lights put in our sub floor, put in our vanity and mirror and then we can FINALLY get rid of our old sink! For those of you who have been to our house, you understand the GREAT need to get rid of the sink. I am really excited, I haven't been feeling too well these past two days because I have a sunburn on my shoulders from lessons, (I forgot or rather neglected to put sun block on and boy am I regretting that) so its been pretty much Kory and his dad doing all the work...but lets be honest, even if I was feeling good I still wouldn't be much help. :)

The family room wall

Kory working on the bathroom


KaSs said...

That looks wonderful!! a lot of people who haven't remodeled don't realize just how beautiful a mudded wall is!! its coming along great and will look wonderful when its done. i'm excited because i'll be able to pee at your house again. :0)

Kory said...

I hope she's being sarcastic when she says that's all we have to do. That's a lot of stuff!

rain said...

I just think that it's progress when you can actually SEE what's happening. You can tell the differences. I hate when you have a project and you have all these things that must be done, but it's not obvious stuff, so no one else could tell you've done them. It's like housework.

Chelsboo said...

wow can't wait to see the end result!!