Thursday, June 12, 2008

My new calling

I am now the "Enrichment Leader" of the Provo North Park 3rd ward, (on a side note I found out that use to be called the "Homemaking Leader") and I am feeling somewhat inadequate for this calling. I was pretty surprised that they were calling me to this because my previous calling was a visiting teaching supervisor. Which to me is an important calling yes, but I just didn't like being the one to do it. Especially in our ward because we have a lot of member turnover due to students moving to and from the ward, and companionships are changing all the time. And I was constantly delivering papers to people's houses. So I am excited that I get to have something a little more creative and a little more fun.

My first sort of activity is next Thursday, they asked me to help before they called me, so I am not the one in charge of this one, but I am participating. Wish me luck! Also this week, Kory and I textured our bathroom, and our family room wall. It was messy, but it turned out really nice. Then tonight I put the first coat of primer on it. And my arms I swear were about to fall off when I was done. Tomorrow will be the second coat of primer, and then Saturday I get to PAINT!


Keri said...

Did you know that's my mom's calling-or used to be, I don't know. I think she liked it though.

KaSs said...

I'm not so sure mom liked it, but i bet you will Amy. that fits you very well. I wish you best of luck!

rain said...

I get to take a hiatus from my calling while I'm pregnant. Because I'm nutso. It's awesome. This is definitely an example of prospering from my handicap.

I wish I was a visiting teaching supervisor again.

Chelsboo said...

Good luck on your new calling~ i know you will do great